UPDATE: Woman Charged With Freeing Dog Gets Delay in Trial

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Back on 2-22-2016, we told you about a woman that was facing up to a decade in prison for freeing a chained up and totally neglected dog from someone’s yard.  Now, we’re seeing reports of the trial being delayed, due to the property owner leaving court without testifying.  In fact, at this time, no one seems to know where they’ve gone, or why they left.

There was a five week delay put on the trial by the judge hearing the case.  According to the prosecution, Daniel Melendez (also known as Fernando Marin), the owner of the property where the dog was kept, fled the courthouse without telling anyone anything at all.

The hearing was proceeding without him, as other witnesses in the case were there to testify. The court officers did conduct a search for him, but by the time everyone else had testified, his whereabouts were still unknown.

The defense hen made a motion to dismiss the charges against Cuce-Rodiguez.  The judge wouldn’t allow the motion, stating that it would be unfair to the commonwealth for him to do so.  That’s when the judge put a delay on the trial until March 25th.

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  1. Compassion should not be punished. Abuse should be. Please use common sense in this case as this woman did the compassionate thing.


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