URGENT: Death Row Dogs – Save Them Before It Is Too Late!

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These dogs of New York City have by noon on Friday, October 25 to be adopted or they will be euthanized.  Many of them are under a year old – still babies – and won’t even be given a chance to know what love and family are before they are put to death.  Even if you can’t adopt, please share – maybe a friend can save their lives.

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs

For more information on ANY of these dogs, please visit here.

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs1

My name is DALLAS. My Animal ID # is A0981824.
I am a female bl brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 7 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes: Dallas is an adorable little brindled lady with the sweetest face; her ears are perfectly folded over to the front of her face – like arrows pointing to her big beautiful eyes. Dallas walks well on leash, seems house trained, and sits on command. She’s well mannered, but she knows how to have fun, Dallas is an expert at play bowing – it’s too cute! Please come meet this affectionate, loving, playful girl at the Brooklyn ACC.


10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs2

My name is HILLARY. My Animal ID # is A0965713.
I am a spayed female tan labrador retr mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 1 MONTH old.

A Volunteer Writes: This pup is a big gulp of cuteness. She should star in commercials, because she could sell anything with those big brown eyes, her tiny, dear face, and her constantly wagging tail. And that’s before she offers up her (should be) world famous Hillary hug, which makes her walkers want to give her anything, anything, anything she could possibly want. What this seemingly house trained love muffin wants most in the world at the moment is a forever home where she might continue to work her charm. You can’t help but fall in love with her winning ways, if you only you could meet her…all you need to do is show up and she will do the rest!

A volunteer writes: I fell in love with this sweetheart of a girl and know that you will too when you meet her. She wears a beautiful tan coat and has sparkling eyes that radiate warmth, intelligence and love. Rolling over for a belly rub as she lay at my feet she wiggles in delight. She has a lively energy, jumping up for kisses, happy to have a new friend. As we walk through the park she does an occasional ‘happy dog’ scamper on the leash. LOVE THAT! Making friends, her tail wags at everyone she sees. Hillary will make an amazing best friend, showering you with love and being comfortably by your side forever. Likely house-trained she ‘went’ as soon as we were out the door. Hillary is the friend you will turn to when you need a hug – she will always be there for you. Ask to meet her today.

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs3

My name is TANK. My Animal ID # is A0981976.
I am a male tan and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 YEARS old.

Tank can be timid, but is generally not aggressive with other dogs.  He’s a real gentleman, and will shake your hand if you ask him nicely!

A volunteer writes:  Met Tank yesterday, very handsome boy!  He takes treats gently and was a perfect gentleman on leash, no pulling at all.

A volunteer writes:  I met Tank yesterday, I couldn’t take my eyes off his cute little face curled in a ball in his cage. For the first part of the walk he was sniffing away, walking nicely on the leash, but keeping his distance from me. I could tell he was so confused and so afraid so I didn’t push him, but I did sit down on the ground next to him and he MELTED my heart. He walked over to me rested his head heavily on my shoulder and just stayed there. This poor boy is craving affection and he is a huge love bug. He is such a sweet boy, he is a little confused right now but his personality is starting to peek through and its beautiful!

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs4

My name is PRINCESS. My Animal ID # is A0980822.
I am a female brown and white am pit bull terrier mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 6 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes: Are you ready to write your own fairytale? No story would be complete without a hero and I have just the girl for you – a beautiful but down-on-her-luck royal with hair of red and eyes like shiny copper pennies. This valiant young lady’s bright and curious spirit will see her triumph over any obstacle. Yes, she’s your very own Princess! Despite the sudden changes in her life, Princess is still a fun-loving pup, wonderfully open and friendly. Everything is a toy and everyone she meets a potential playmate. Like all youngsters, she’s full of energy and I’m treated to an enthusiastic hug before she dashes off after a ball and just as quickly returns to my side – it seems our young dog knows some old tricks! I take it from her mouth with ease and after a few more throws, she lays at my feet and gets down to quietly munching on her prize while I rub her belly. Princess is a good girl and already seems house trained, taking care of her business as soon as we hit the street. Although she will occasionally give in to the thrill of playing with the leash, overall she’s an easy and responsive walker who greets other dogs with a happy smile and a wagging tail. Princess was surrendered because her previous owner had ‘no time’ and she’s looking for a new family to give her all the time and guidance she needs to grow into a stellar adult. Life is a gift and she’s here to show you just what a delight each day can be. Happily-ever-after is within your reach (and hers) so be sure to ask for Princess today!

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs5

My name is KRYSTAL. My Animal ID # is A0982044.
I am a female tan and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR old.

A volunteer writes:  I have walked Krystal a couple of times and she is incredibly affectionate. She wanted to crawl into my lap and give me kisses. She’s VERY cute and looks like she was well taken care of. She sits on command and looves treats. She aced her behavior evaluation and seems like she could fit into just about any home!!

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs6

My name is THOMAS. My Animal ID # is A0981799.
I am a male brown and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: Handsome Thomas was whining in his kennel letting me know he needed to go out. Out we went, where he took care of business immediately, indicating he’s likely house-trained. What a handsome dog Thomas is in his caramel color gleaming coat. He’s quietly tail waggy friendly, walks well on the leash, and clearly loves other dogs. He would have loved for me to arrange a play date for him, but we’ll have to leave that up to you when you adopt him . Thomas has an ear infection which we are treating, and it looks like he was scratching it as the area behind his ears is a bit raw. He also has some slight scaring on his face, which looks to me like he may have met an unfriendly cat….Thomas posed for some pictures, sitting when I asked him to and taking treats gently from my hand. We then sat on the park bench together like two old friends, enjoying the sunshine on a cool fall day. Off leash in the backyard, Thomas was content to explore the area, discovering new smells, not interested in playing ball or with a toy at this time. Thomas has a calm, sweet demeanor, he’s gentle and easy, tail wagging softly the entire time we were together. I fell in love with his easy nature and know you will, too. Be sure to ask to meet him when you visit.

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs7

My name is WALTON. My Animal ID # is A0981913.
I am a male bl brindle and black pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 8 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes: Walton is really good looking in his unique brindle coat that shines in the sun. He is perfectly carved, healthy looking and the right weight. Walton does not bark in his kennel and just rests, waiting patiently for his turn to go for a walk. He is leashed easily and strolls like a dream by my side. He likes my treats and sits on command for them. He does not chase the birds or the squirrels but seems happy to see other dogs, even the little ones. It is so nice to see him frolicking in the grass and the autumn leaves.In the yard, he play bows to other dogs resting in their pen. Free in a large pen, Walton jumps and runs after a tennis ball but does not retrieve it. I guess, he has still to learn the game. He likes to come on the lap, be caressed and kissed. He is then just a needy puppy. Gently provoked, Walton mouths a little and might want to grab the leash. Remember..he is just a pup who will need some training. Giving him a treat or a toy immediately curbs his actions. That simple…just a matter to be consistent… Walton is a lovely youngster, good looking, playful and friendly. Come and meet him at the Manhattan Care Center and make him yours. Another volunteer writes: Truly, they don’t come any cuter than this little guy! In his adorable brindle coat which he still needs to grow into, Walton is all puppy playful and loving. He’s super friendly and cuddly, but knows when its time to get serious for some picture taking, posing like a pro. His face is expressive and stunning, and all he wants to do is make some friends, snuggle in for hugs and play. As we walked Walton picked up a chicken bone from the ground, but allowed me to take it out his mouth without issue. He’s a super sweet little boy, who is looking for a family to help guide him into the rock star grown up dog he is meant to be. He will need some basic puppy positive training, and the end result will be an incredible family companion. Ask to meet Walton today.

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs8

My name is TIGER. My Animal ID # is A0982500.
I am a male br brindle and black pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes:  Judy was out with us in the pen, and she really growls at most dogs, but not this boy. They got along just fine. Even staff was amazed. His brindle is to die for. Believe they have him as a Catahoula mix, but I am not sure that’s what he is. He is purty tho.

Someone else writes:  Previous owner says he’s house trained & lived/played w/ dog.Friendly w/ children/strangers.Relaxed & calm during intake. Some guarding w/ food/bone/toys – but owner admits not having time for poor baby, NO ONE HAS TAUGHT HIM good doggy manners (THIS IS RETRAINABLE)! Owner also states this is a “GREAT DOG”. This pup needs a loving forever family of his own. Please help!

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs15

My name is JEAN CLAUDE. My Animal ID # is A0982029.
I am a male white and brown eng coonhound mix. The shelter thinks I am about 6 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes: This handsome fellow of mixed heritage stands tall and proud in his kennel. He looks at me as if to remind me that he’s next – as if I need reminding! I leash him easily and out we go, Jean Claude walking tall and proud as I expected he would. He’s emaciated, every rib shows, his hip bones just out so we are feeding him an extra meal daily to help him gain some weight. His coloring is magnificent, his eyes luminous and when he is at his normal weight he will be amazing looking. Showing off lovely leash manners we have a nice walk to the park greeting other dogs as we go. Big or small dogs, Jean Claude acknowledges all with a friendly wave of his tail and its clear he would love to play. He’s alert and attentive, looking up at people as we walk, perhaps wondering if the next person might be his new pet parent….. Jean Claude the super model poses for pictures perfectly and as hungry as he is takes treats very gently. His kennel card is already filled with wonderful comments from volunteers who have walked him, “very friendly”, “lovely”, “great dog” and more. He’s waiting for you to add your comments to his diary when you take him home. He aced his behavior evaluation indicating he will be a good fit in most homes. He’s looking for three squares a day, and some love. That shouldn’t be hard to do with this sweetheart. Meet him today.

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs10

My name is SUGAR. My Animal ID # is A0982410.
I am a female white and tan pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 6 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes: I saw Sugar arriving at the care center, her beautiful light blue eyes enlarged with fear, the tail tucked between her legs, her face and body completely frozen. I went to talk to her shortly after she was housed in a kennel and left some treats at her door. She was softly growling, plastered at the back of her den. She looked so emotionally bruised, having lost the family she knew since early puppyhood. For days, she would not exit her kennel. I kept talking to her and leaving treats that she decided to eat after I left. I made a few attempts to leash her but failed miserably… never force things, but never lose hope for a breakthrough. Give a dog a chance to come out of its shell and feel better in your hands. Today was the day… Sugar had already walked once with a very caring and experienced staff and was now honoring me with her presence, accepting my leash without fuss… Sugar walked cautiously and was wary looking. She insisted on staying at the gate overlooking the street, hoping maybe to go home. She neared quite a number of other dogs without concern. She sat for me and posed for pictures after having spent a while together. She then hopped on the bench next to me and accepted caresses, looking at me from time to time. I even got a furtive kiss, just one… Sugar and I had another walk together the same night. She was definitively more relaxed, her gait much lighter, her tail slightly up. Her eyes were more at peace. She came with her two feet on my lap and gave me.. yes, another kiss. Sugar did live happily with a young child and other dogs. She is known to chase cats. She might have been sheltered from the outside world and is a bit wary of strangers. She would know a number of commands and was mainly fed table food which might explain why Sugar is quite well nourished. Her former owners sum Sugar up as a “Good Girl”. Sugar is a rare beauty, an example of femininity that one can not forget once she catches one’s eye. She might not reveal all her qualities while with us and therefore Sugar needs a home soon, a new family and a savvy master who will appreciate her, love her to pieces and socialize her for the whole world to fall in love with her..

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs11

My name is Q. My Animal ID # is A0982582.
I am a female tan and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 10 MONTHS old.

A volunteer writes:  Q is quite an unusual name but the one this lovely puppy responds to when called..She is a very elegant young female, only ten months of age, throning like a queen in the middle of her blanket. She is a little bit timid but gets leashed easily. Q was left with us as her family, counting three children, could not care for a pet anymore and even less a youngster. She looks healthy, well developed and has a gorgeous milk and honey colored coat. Q walks well on the leash, pulling a little at times. She relieves herself on the way. Her owners say that she is almost completely housetrained. She would be friendly to all including other pooches and knows a number of commands. Q went from wariness and shyness to excitement when she saw the tennis ball. She could not contain herself, ran, jumped and caught the ball at each try .She likes to keep it in her mouth like a treasure but gives it away for a new one..Q seems to like other dogs and play bows to some. She likes to come on the bench next to me, head in my lap, chewing on her ball and enjoys the petting…Q is at the Manhattan Care Center, a pretty girl in need of a new family to growth with.. Please, come to see her soon and make her yours.

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs12

My name is OZZIE. My Animal ID # is A0982614.
I am a male black and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old.

Volunteers have not had much of a chance to get to know this boy, and he is already on the put-to-sleep list!

One person writes:  OZZIE was interested in interacting w/ handler during assessment – licked hands and face. Submissive when first handled. Became over excited during “tag” & engaged in rough housing. Ozzie has some guarding issues w/ food/bone/toys – survival skill for a stray – RETRAINABLE!!! He was relaxed meeting helper dog. I don’t think Ozzie has ever known much care – he could use a break! Can you help?

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs13

My name is MATTHEW. My Animal ID # is A0982661.
I am a male white and br brindle pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 10 YEARS old.

A volunteer writes:  Some dogs at the care center need socialization, as they are scared or very timid. Matthew…well, he could the one teaching them how to be happy-go-lucky. Matthew indeed is an example of courage and resilience. He is an elderly dog carrying a tired body, thinned by the years and poor care. His hinds are weak, still supporting him when he eliminates or goes up and down the stairs. His legs harbor many calluses. But look at his eyes… see the life, see the light and hope that shine. Matthew does not need any psychiatrist or antidepressant. He is with a friend, in the yard among people and other dogs. He is beaming. His tail is wagging non-stop. His body is wiggling as much as it can… Matthew is hungry. He loves my treats -he even searches my bag. I scold him a little. He has so much weight to catch up with.  Matthew is a very friendly and sociable pooch. He loves caresses and to just lay at my feet for caresses. He belongs…. the place does not matter, only the people and the love. Matthew is at the Manhattan Care Center. He needs an angel…

10.25.13 - Death Row Dogs14

My name is NICHI. My Animal ID # is A0982725.
I am a female white and brown pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old.

Nichi is used to the finer things in life, and death row is no place for her!  Her previous owner fed her a diet of apples, banana, oranges, mangoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal, chicken, beef and fish.

A volunteer writes: With her unusual name, adorable little ‘windswept’ ears and cute brown freckles, there’s no one else quite like Nichi. The notes left by her former owner tell the story of a friendly pup who lived happily with two children, loves to eat fruit and potatoes and whose favorite toy was a simple plastic bottle – Nichi is a truly one of a kind! I find her waiting anxiously for a chance to go out and expect to be literally swept off my feet as we leave for our walk. But I’m in for a pleasant surprise because that’s just not Miss Nichi’s style. She’s easily leashed and slowly steps first one paw then the other down from her den before ever so calmly padding her way outside. An easy walker, gentle treat-taker, appreciative cuddler and big dog lover, Nichi would appear to have it all. Yet like so many wonderful things in life, these special gifts are offset by some special needs. Nichi is deaf, a trait fairly common among white dogs, and her new parents will need to work around this disability when training and communicating with her. While she loves the company of larger dogs, cats and small dogs are not among her favorite things and she would be happiest in a home where only ‘big kids’ are allowed. Nichi’s deep love for people makes any time spent apart from them very difficult for her and she does suffer from separation anxiety, crying inconsolably when it’s time to return to her kennel and sadly bunting her nose against the door as I walk away. The day her owner was evicted was the day this sweet, sensitive girl’s entire world collapsed and it will take plenty of time, love and patience to build it back up again. What Nichi needs right now is an experienced, committed adopter to give her the security and attention she craves, someone who’ll help our unique girl to be the best dog she can be. Nichi is just waiting for her new life to begin, please don’t make her wait too long.

Check out this photo album, which has complete information about these dogs, including intake information sheets and videos – the photos just don’t do them justice!

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