URGENT! Packed Shelter may Have to Euthanize

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The Sherwood Animal Shelter in Sherwood, Arkansas is in dire need of adoptions and fostering help.  After more than 50 dogs were surrendered and rescued in less than one month, the small shelter faces having to put dogs down for no other reason than there simply isn’t room.

On the Shelter’s Facebook page (click here to view) Tuesday, a call for help went out.  Not only are they at capacity, they are running out of supplies as well.  They haven’t been faced with this harsh reality for some time, and the race is on to save lives.

“This year we’ve had over 480 animals brought in, just dogs, and over 180 cats,” said Bethe Barnett.  Barnett is an Animal Control Officer in Sherwood.  “We haven’t euthanized in this place for 2 and a half years.  We work really hard with rescue groups and fosters, but if it comes down to it, sometimes a decision has to be made.”

The past three days alone have seen 17 dogs taken in at Sherwood.  As of this morning, there are 30 of the 31 kennels filled.  While the shelter acknowledges that many of the dogs brought in are strays, there seems to be a high number of dogs coming in because people can’t care for them.

Local resident Jacob Hum was at the shelter yesterday to try and help.  He was adopting a dog, and said that he feels while sometimes people have the best of intentions when it comes to adding a dog to the family, it’s a big decision that needs to be carefully considered.

“Getting a dog is a major decision.  It’s not something you want to get into with without knowing what you are getting into,” said Hum.  He did adopt a dog, and was happy to be able to help save a life.  “If I can take one dog home, that’s one less dog that may be euthanized.”

Angela Robinson, another resident visiting the shelter Wednesday said, “People need to take into consideration when picking out a pet, ‘does your lifestyle fit the animal you’re trying to get?'”

The shelter is waiving adoption fees until Friday of this week.  There are still many animals at the Sherwood shelter, very much in need of good homes.  Please, help save the lives of dogs and cats if you can.  Please, click here to view the shelter’s Facebook page, and thank you in advance.