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Vampire Vet Slapped with $1 Million Lawsuit

by Melanie

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5.8.14 - Vampire Vet Slapped with $1 Million Lawsuit1

Millard Lucien “Lou” Tierce, the Fort Worth, Texas veterinarian who told a family their dog needed to be euthanized but then kept him caged for blood transfusions, has now been served with a $1 million lawsuit in addition to having his license suspended.  He is also facing animal cruelty charges and may permanently lose his license.

Marian and Jamie Harris brought their 170-pound Leonberger named Sid to Camp Bowie to be treated for a minor anal gland issue in May of 2013.  Tierce recommended a cold laser treatment be performed, which was less invasive than surgery.  The couple agreed, and believed Tierce when they were told Sid would need to be kept at the clinic over the summer.

In September, the family was told that Sid was suffering from a congenital spinal disease and needed to be euthanized.  Not wanting their dog to suffer, they sadly consented.  But in April, vet tech Mary Brewer, who had been fearful for her job security, finally stepped forward.  She told the Harrises that Sid was still alive, and had been spending 23.5 hours a day in a crate so he could be used for blood transfusions.

Jamie and Marian stormed into Camp Bowie and released Sid, who had spent six months covered in his own urine and feces and suffering from stress-induced mange.

Tierce turned himself into authorities and admitted to holding five other animals due to be euthanized, including his own dog, resulting in the suspension of his license to practice medicine.  He is facing animal cruelty charges for the lack of care given to his Border Collie.

An outside vet determined that Sid did not have a congenital spine defect, but that he does have bulging discs.  Sid was injured when, during one of the rare occasions he was bathed, an employee “flipped” him into a bathtub, causing him to land in an unnatural position.  He now suffers from some paralysis, and will eventually need to undergo surgery.

The Harrises are now suing Tierce for $1 million in monetary relief to cover Sid’s medical care and for all of their pain and suffering.

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