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Vermont Has Now Made It Legal to Save Dogs and Children from Hot Cars

by Melanie

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7.13.16 Vermont Law to Save Dogs in Hot Cars1


So many dogs sadly perish every summer in hot cars, but hopefully now there will be fewer casualties in Vermont.  A law has just taken effect to protect people from civil liability for breaking into cars to save dogs that are in distress.

The law went into effect on July 1, and not a moment too soon.  There are some stipulations, of course.  People who see a dog or child in distress must first call 911 to report the incident.  They must check to make sure all of the doors are locked and that breaking a window is the only option.

Only the minimum amount of force must be applied, so obviously people can’t go around smashing every window.  They must stay with the dog or child until emergency responders arrive, and they must leave a note to explain what happened.

On a 70-degree day, the inside temperature of a car can reach 115 degrees in only minutes, so it’s best to leave dogs at home where they can stay cool and even more importantly, alive.