Hikers Rescue Dog Swept Away in Colorado Creek

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7.13.16 - Colorado rescue

Stanley the dog had found himself in quite an ordeal when while wading into a creek in Colorado, he was accidentally washed downstream.  Not only that, but he also got stuck under a bit of a log jam in the water, and his human couldn’t locate him.  Thankfully, Stanley was seen by some hikers, and his life was saved.

According to a Facebook post that was shared by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, “he was swept away and his owner searched for an hour for him, to no avail.”

Stanley’s human, Jason was understandably very scared for him.  He searched the best he could, but knew that he couldn’t do it on his own.  He had to leave the area to call the sheriff’s office.  It was right around then when the hikers passing by saw Stanley, stuck as he was, and got him out.

According to that same post, “As rescuers were arriving, Andy and Jennifer, who were also hiking in the area, heard Stanley whimpering and barking for help, he was pinned under a log jam with only his head above the water.  Jennifer and Andy pulled Stanley to safety and he was reunited with a very grateful Jason.”

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the situation.  In the upcoming days, it’s going to be warm.  Many of us are going to want to take a trip to anywhere local water can be found to cool off, but if we’re going to bring the dogs along, it’s important to remember that things like this only take a split second to happen.  Pay attention to where your dogs are, and keep them out of any fast-moving water or areas prone to flash flooding.