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Veteran and Service Dog Harassed by Restaurant Manager


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In a blatant case of discrimination, an Albuquerque restaurant refused to serve a man with a licensed service dog, despite the fact that police told the restaurant’s manager to accommodate him. 

Having served our country for eighteen years, Air Force Master Sergeant Justin Jordan suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Yet thanks to a trained service dog named Dallas, he’s been getting his life back, spending more time in the public and feeling safer about it.

“So many of our veterans are stuck in their homes, not being able to go out in public. She gives me the ability to go out in public and participate in things I haven’t done in a while – go to the park with my kids,” said Jordan.

When a syndicated radio host scheduled an appearance at a local Hooter’s, Jordan took Dallas to attend the event. It was not long before he was asked to leave.

“He (the restaurant manager) told me that it was their policy not to allow anyone but blind dogs and it was apparent that I wasn’t blind so I needed to either go on the porch or leave,” said Jordan.

Out of desperation Jordan called the agency that trained his dog, Paws and Stripes. They actually sent a representative to the location with documentation to prove that Dallas was licensed as a service animal. It was a waste of time.

“He brought the printed forms of the laws and tried to explain them to the manager who met him with much belligerence – even ripping up his business card when he presented it to them,” said Jordan.

The restaurant manager then called police to try to have Jordan and Dallas removed from the property. Police sided with Jordan, insisting that the man and his dog had every right to be there. In an unbelievable case of blatant discrimination, once the police left, the restaurant manager continued to maintain his position, refusing to serve Jordan.

Hooter’s issued a statement and said that they observe all ADA regulations, and that the matter is being handled internally.

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