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Veteran Reunites with Dogs After Surviving Heart Attack

by Katherine

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On September 25, 2015, Baily and Blaze’s owner, a Vietnam War veteran living in Delaware, suffered a major heart attack that almost cost him his life. The dogs were taken in by animal control and place on hold while the owner recovered, but after learning the man would probably not make it, the pets were released and placed up for adoption. Three months later, after almost losing his life and his dogs, the veteran reunited with his best friends for good. The reunion was made possible thanks to animal rescue volunteers who could not bare to take the dogs away from this loving man and pet owner.

Credit: GoFundMe
Credit: GoFundMe

According to rescuers, the dogs were placed on Animal Control’s regular five day hold period, but after their owner failed to come claim the pets, and after learning the ill man still wanted his dogs, animal control extended the hold to 20 days. However, after the 20 days were over and the grim news the veteran was not expected to fully recover and get his dogs back, Baily and Blaze were released for adoption.

Throughout the three months, the pet owner kept calling the shelter to inquire about his pets and also to remind them he still wanted his four-legged best friends. However, it wasn’t until December that pet owner was well enough to pick up his dogs, and at that time, the man did not have enough money to pay the adoption fee and get his dogs back.

Photo credit: Lynzee Carrothers/Youtube
Photo credit: Lynzee Carrothers/Youtube

Determined to get his friends back, the pet owner went to visit his friends at a PetSmart adoption center and drop off a deposit to adopt his dogs. When rescue volunteers saw how the dogs reacted to their owner, their hearts just melted. They saw how much the dogs loved the veteran and how much the man longed for his pets.

Secretly, rescue volunteers teamed up to collect funds and cover the adoption fee, and incredibly, the adoption coordinator agreed to reduce the fee to make this amazing reunion happen.

The pet owner was contacted to come back to the store the following day to start the adoption paper work, but little did he know he was there to pick up his beloved dogs. When the veteran showed up, he was stalled at a cash register. The deposit he had left just a day earlier was returned. Bewildered by this and thinking his adoption wish was rejected the man internally broke down, but then he learned the best news ever.

Tears rolled down his eyes and all the volunteers’ around him when he was told Baily and Blaze’s adoption fee had been covered and the dogs were free to go home with him.

The adoption fee wasn’t the only gift the veteran and his dogs received. Dog food, toys, leashes and gift cards were also collected to help them get back on their feet.

Faith in humanity has once again been restored.