Veteran’s Dogs to Be Euthanized by the Town of Yucca Valley

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Lovell and family hoped to have the ruling overturned to save their beloved dogs.

Disabled war veteran James “JR” Lovell and his family continue their eleventh-hour fight to save his dogs from being euthanized. One of the two dogs, Dakota, has been deemed “vicious” by authorities, and she and her brother Blaze will be euthanized by close of business today.

Reminiscent of the recent case of the pit bull-type dog Lennox, Dakota and Blaze will meet their end despite sufficient evidence. In Belfast, Ireland, dog wardens deemed Lennox to be a public danger and seized him from his owners in April 2010. After two long years in the court system, Lennox was euthanized in July of this year.

Prior to this incident Dakota, a Labrador mix, was being trained to become a service dog.

Seven months ago, one of JR’s dogs escaped from his yard. The evidence gets fuzzy at this point because the only person who witnessed the incident was not able to testify during the hearing.

Yucca Valley animal control’s version of the story is that both Dakota and Blaze escaped from JR’s yard and knocked an elderly woman to the ground, where she was mauled and sustained several bites on her body.

The sole witness to the incident maintains that Blaze was the only dog that was involved, and nipped her only once.

The victim was taken home and paramedics were summoned, who suggested the woman contact her personal physician. The only medical treatment she received, as verified in court records, was a tetanus shot.

No report of the incident was ever taken by Yucca Valley’s Sheriff’s Department.

A hearing was conducted in February of this year, during which JR’s only witness was unable to testify due to a serious illness. The judge in the case refused to allow for alternative arrangements.

Both dogs are unaltered. During their seven-month incarceration, they were housed together and allowed to breed. Seven puppies were born just last night, three of which have already died while in custody of animal control.

Not only will Dakota and Blaze loose their lives this afternoon, but their remaining puppies will too.

Dakota, seen here, and Blaze were a special members of the Lovell family.

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  1. This is yet another example of misuse of power. This is how we treat our veterans?! If there is no one to testify to this attack,then why on earth would a judge deem them vicious?! These dogs and their owners deserve the chance to live their lives together. Are there no rights left for people and their beloved pets? This whole situation is a disgrace!

  2. May the person(s) in Yucca Valley who passed this sentence never have a moments peace of mind for this barbaric act!! And to kill innocent puppies as well – its totally beyond belief =It strikes me its a great pity, that the Powers that Be, don’t euthanize the many many vicious humans that seem to exist in our society today. An absolute disgrace!!!!

  3. I did write my opinion to the Mayor of that hole in the desert. Good idea.Shame on them all! I have 4 boys in the military now & 1 disabled son with a service dog, plus another dog as well.

  4. This is an absolute outrage and should be stopped immediately. The person(s) who made the decision to put these dogs down and the people in charge of animal control are unreasonable, irresponsible and need to be relieved of their duties.

  5. Ho wis it their are real criminals out there committing crimes if they manage to get caught they get min.jail time or a slap on the animal looses his or her life and little innocnet puppies to boot? seriously this is whats worng with our justice system they are blind to the real problem in society.
    And what happen to innocent until proven..repeat Proven gulity beyond all resonable doubt..there was no justice here.Just someone in office trying to prove something because there cowards…shame on them.There city needs to replace these horrible representation of thier town with people with someone with a heart and soul replace them like they are these dogs,throwing them out like yesterdays garbage..well hopefuly the public will turn the table on them responsible for this very poor choice..these folks are loosing something very precious to them because of some person sitting up on his thrown thinking he is the almighty and playing god to probably 2 very innocent dogs and their innocent puppies…he will have this blood on his hand and the whole town to answer to and will have to know he caused many deaths here…thats nothing to be proud of.And so sad abut the other dog who they did this same very thing to in Ireland,who does the goverment and justice system think they are playing with peoples lives and emotions like this…..shame on you people there…i would never want to live in a town who treat their Vets and animals with so little respect…where are facts and proof of these dogs huh?????

  6. So everyone who read this article and took the time to post comments to this site agrees that IF the information presented is accurate, then this is a terrible example of injustice. Now comes the real question: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS INJUSTICE? I isn’t enough people to type your opinion about another State’s government funded agency stomping all over a citizen’s due process rights AND killing that citizen’s dogs too!

    If everyone spent the effort to find out the contact information for the State’s elected officials and send an email or make a telephone call? Get a Petition going? Collect donations? Maybe this could be stopped. Maybe just maybe if we all got off our keyboards and shared our opinions with those who are KILLING a VETERAN’S DOGS? Maybe our voices might matter. I for one feel that it isn’t enough to complain and say what WE would DO if that was OUR DOG being killed! Unless we get off our asses and start exercising our freedoms (that we still have) then we are just as guilty of killing these dogs as Yucca Valley Animal Control.


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