Victoryland Defeated by Financial Woes, Ends Live Greyhound Racing Program

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Due to declining revenues and increased political pressure, Victoryland Greyhound Park will hold its last and final race on May 14th.

Victoryland COO Lewis Benefield has issued a written statement regarding the track closure: “Economic realities make it impossible for us to continue offering live racing after the Juvenile Futurity. Greyhound racing will resume when we can again offer the electronic bingo games which for many years subsidized the cost of live racing.”

Victoryland’s track closure is expected to result in 200 job losses.

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67 thoughts on “Victoryland Defeated by Financial Woes, Ends Live Greyhound Racing Program”

  1. From my calculations based on the kennel list on their website, there will be 455 dogs that will be out of work at Victoryland. Even if some of those dogs are transferred to other tracks, there will still be a lot of dogs who are heading into retirement. If you’ve been considering adopting a greyhound, please contact your local greyhound rescue now to get your application rolling. Adopt a 45 mph couch potato!

    • The probelm is that greyhound adoption groups struggle not only in trying to transport greyhounds to other parts of the country that don’t have as many greyhound, but also in taking a lot of greyhounds at once. It would be nice to say that the greyhound groups will take all the dogs, but reality is the greyhound adoption groups stay full–I know because I work with a large gryehound group. The greyhound adoption community REALLY needs people to step up and foster, and or adopt these magnificent dogs. I have 3 of my own PLUS a foster. Please consider fostering or adopting a greyhound to help make room for the dogs that will be coming from Victoryland.

  2. I am glad this will be over. I am sure even though some might proceed this sport in a small venue the numbers of abused dogs will dwindle with the closure of the tracks

  3. Even if you can’t adopt a greyhound, you could be very useful as a foster home. Greyhound rescue groups can absorb these dogs if they have the foster homes and money to do it. The need will not just be in Georgia. Dogs get moved throughout the race tracks in the US (and the one in Mexico) as owners and trainers try to find a spot each dog can make money. Wherever you are, consider supporting your local greyhound group by volunteering, fostering, or donating. Grey2K just got a $25K grant to push for more of these closures, but NONE of that money goes to helping rescue groups. You can have the most direct impact on dogs and the dedicated volunteers who will assure their safety by making a donation directly to a local group you’ve checked out.

    • Shel–you are so right! Everyone thinnks Grey2k is out there helping Greyhounds. THEY ARE NOT. They are pushing for an end to racing with no thought to the dogs. The Florida dibacle PROVES that. They want racing to end AT ANY cost. I’m sorry, but no death of a health Greyhound is acceptable to me even if Gryey2k thinks it is.

      Please consider fostering one of these magnificent dogs. If you want to donate money to help greyhounds, donate it to your local greyhound adoption group who is actually out there trying to help get dogs saved and placed–not Grey2k who does NOTHING to help actual Greyhounds.

      • Then tell my WHY Grey2k did not push for language protecting the dogs when the Florida bill was going through legislation. That was completely immoral. That bill had anywhere between 4,000 and 12,000 greyhounds at risk WITH NO PROTECTION. I REPEATEDLY emailed you and Grey2k about what the plans was to save these dogs and I never once got a single response and when I tried to post that question in yours and grey2ks blogs–the comments were rejected and never published.

        I also saw emails from folks working with Grey2k saying that they knew the Florida was not a good one for the dogs but that racing must be STOPPED at all costs (that means sounds like dogs will die). That bill was a bunch of policital garbage and you all were trying to push it thorough–regardless of the consequences.

        I WANT THE DOGS PROTECTED and if you and Grey2k are doing it for the dogs then why is there no well thought out drafted plan–and don’t tell me that there’s the United Pathway Plan–that’s old and has not meat to it. It’s just a general plan that basically says the adoption groups will have to step up.

        HELLO–I am with an adoption group. I have talked with several people at several adoption groups–we were all trying to figure what we could to help if the Florida bill passed. None of them had heard from Grey2k about what the coordinated plan would be.

        And as for Victoryland–now many of those dogs will be sent to other tracks which will displace dogs from the other tracks–which will push dogs to last stop tracks like JCKC. That track alreayd has so many dogs with limited that need to be moved out that it makes me physically sick to my stomach. The group there is trying deparately to get dogs moved and to safety.

        So tell me, how is Grey2k trying to help there? They aren’t because Grey2k is pushing a political agenda and not helping at the tracks that need the help.

        Stop all the political propaganda and get down and dirty and help actual dogs–not thereotical ones.

      • Jen–not everyone is racing is bad–believe it or not, there are LOTS of people in the racing industry to who take better care of their dogs than the average person does.

        Don’t lump the bad in with the good. There are bad teachers, doctors, cops, even parents. I don’t see people out ther trying to ban those industries.

        Yes, there are tracks that need to be closed down–but do it in a responsible fashion–making sure each and every dog is saved.

        • Jen–

          Sorry to disappoint you, but I do know what I am talking about.

          There was NO PROTECTION for the greyhounds in the failed Florida legislation and Grey2k knew it and did nothing about it. Sorry to disappoint you again, but we did have folks (in the legal profession) keeping up with the legislation–and you all testifying that you would take care of the dogs and they were working with all the adoption groups was an out and out lie. If that was the case–then again, I repeat WHY DID SO MANY OTHER GREYHOUND ADOPTION GROUPS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT YOUR SO CALLED PLAN?

          If this plan is so wonderful and all encompassing–Why isn’t the plan published so ALL the adoption groups can participate?

          Do you realize that if the Florida bill had passed and if even only half the number of greyhounds in Florida were at risk, you are talking about 4,000-5,000 greyhounds? That means that all 300 adoption groups would have to commit to around 15-16 dogs PER group? And who is going to pay for transport, vetting, temporary housing, electricty, kennel help?

          I totally agree that bad tracks need to be shut down, but do it in a fashion that save the dogs–not put them at greater risk.

          You still have not answered my question about why when I and others inquired (repeatedly) about what Grey2k was doing to do to help the dogs and the situation if the Florida leglisation passed did I never receive or response. Or why when I asked that question on your blog, the question nor any response were ever answered.

          If Grey2k has everything under control–then why aren’t you sharing it with ALL the adoption groups instead of handpicked chosed few?

          Your so called coalition only had a handful of adoption groups in it. I contacted dozens of other adoption groups and none of them were included or had had any contact from Grey2k.

          My worry about tracks closing has to do with an oversupply of greyhounds needing homes all at once. It is also about dogs from one track moving to another track and so on so forth–displacing dogs and pushing lost of dogs all at once to the bad tracks.

        • I do understand the difference about advocacy and adoption–but if you push your advocacy efforts all at once–the adoption side cannot keep up. When that happens–even more dogs die.

          Your comment about greyhounds being in kennels 20+ hours a day can be applied to pretty much every single humane society and rescue group there is.

          Greyhounds love to run. Go watch a lure coursing event. The dogs are so excited they can hardly contain themselves.

          I want the bad tracks closed with only good tracks that take excellent care of their dogs (and those kinds of track do exist) to survive. So tell me, if ALL tracks take such awful care of their dogs why are they so people friendly, gentle and sweet. Why do they run at all if they are not taken care? A sick animal cannot perform. Why when you talk to many owners or kennel operators do they light up when they talk about about their dogs. Why are the dogs so happy to see them and interact with them. NOT ALL RACING FOLKS ARE BAD. Yes, there are some–and those are the ones we hear about.

          And some owners do provide funding to make sure their dogs get adopted and some owners require that there dogs be sent back to them so THEY can pet them out. But you have some owners who don’t care and they are the ones who don’t provide any funding or care what happens to their dogs–those are the dogs that end up at the bad tracks I was talking about.

          At a good track, when a greyhound finishes a race, they get in a whirlpool and get a massage. I don’t think the average dog (working or pet) gets that kind of treatment.


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