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Volunteer at a Missouri Shelter Reunites Colorado Family with Dog Missing for Five Years

by Fred

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A Saint Bernard stolen from her home in Colorado five years ago was discovered at a shelter in Festus, Missouri.  A volunteer at the animal shelter that Missy was brought into helped track down her family, and they are very happy to have her home again.

According to official reports, some animal control officers were called out to collect a stray dog wandering about.  When they brought her back to the shelter, a microchip was found but the information on I was outdated.  However after a bit of good sleuthing, volunteer Melissa Morton tracked down the Mahaffey family.

Brenda Mahaffey said that Missy was adopted into the family by her and her two special-needs daughters.  The original idea was to adopt Missy, then train her to be an assistance dog for the girls.  When Missy was stolen, that dream was crushed.

They searched for her for what seemed like forever, but they just never seemed to be able to locate Missy.  No one is really sure just how she got from Colorado all the way to Missouri, but everyone is happy that Missy is safe and sound.

Jefferson County has waived all fees associated with rescuing Missy and getting her back home.  In fact, Morton didn’t just find the Mahaffey family, she even volunteered (again) to drive Missy home to her family.

“I immediately volunteered to drive the dog to Pueblo, Colo.,” said Morton.  “I didn’t even think twice. I knew I could get off work.  My boss has a special-needs child.”