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Waffle, the Ball Thief or Collector?

by Katherine

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There are dogs that love to collect treats. Some go as far as hoarding all their stuff animals, their owner’s socks or shoes, and some might even have a fetish with their owner’s underwear, but have you ever heard of a dog that loves to collect balls? Well, meet Waffle, a Lakeland terrier from Newton Abbot, Britain, that loves to go out and find old balls she brings back home as treasure.

Photo Credit: Western Daily Press
Photo Credit: Western Daily Press


Her owner, Sarah Bennett, told Western Daily Press that the canine has been collecting balls – old an new  – since she was a puppy. Bennett’s garage, back yard, and home, are filled with Waffle’s large ball collection.

“She collects balls of all sizes – from tiny bouncy balls to big space hoppers,” said Bennett. “She must have collected almost 1,000 since we first got her.”

The collection has gotten so out of hand that the pet owner has donated some of the balls, the ones that are semi-new or undamaged. Bennett has also attempted to throw away some of the other old balls, but she says Waffle “squeals” when she sees her treasure being taken away.

Photo Credit: Western Daily Press
Photo Credit: Western Daily Press


In an effort to turn this ball fetish into something beneficial, Bennett started fundraising to help other animals in need. She tries to get people to sponsor Waffle and donate money for each ball she finds. All profits are donated to SOS Terrier Rescue, and so far waffle has raised more that £2,000.

So what do you think, is she a ball collector or a thief? No matter what you think Waffle is, consider making a donation and help Waffle help homeless pets.