Dog Plays Stepmom to Two Adopted Foxes

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7.9.14 - Dog Plays Stepmom to Adopted Foxes1

When two foxes showed up in Romi’s life, she took to them like a fish to water.  They eventually went back to living out in the wild, but during their stay, they were closely minded by Romi, who was happy to play with and take care of them.

7.9.14 - Dog Plays Stepmom to Adopted Foxes2

“Living with two foxes around has changed my stereotype on them a lot. They can be probably cunning as many different stories, from all different culture say but, they can be so lovely as well,” said YouTube user Gill Yi.  “I hope the female one, Jashi (nickname for a fox in Korean) can be near us for a long time, happily ever after…”




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