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WAP Diary: the App for Pets

by Katherine

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We, Alvaro De Francisco, Alvaro Serrano and Rubén Climent, are two veterinary students and a computer engineer student and we have a dream: to improve and enhance the relationship of the pet owners and their pets. For the past two years, we have been working to improve the lives of animals wherever possible. We know that worldwide many people are unaware of animal suffering, and as animal lovers ourselves, we want to do what we can to educate people and help end animal abuse. Currently, our main goal is pets’ well-being and safety. Our project focuses on improving the day-to-day lives of pets.

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We plan to launch a mobile app that pet owners can use to manage their pets’ care such as vaccinations, deworming, vet visits, etc., and basic care like nail trimming, haircuts, baths and more. The app also serves as a social media platform, allowing pet owners to share with friends, special moments they’ve had with their own pets.

If at any moment a pet owners needs to travel and leave his or her dog under the care of a friend, the pet profile in the app can be shared with the care giver and/or veterinarian. This ensures that anyone caring for the pet knows the pet’s needs.

Anyone with access to the pet’s profile will receive alerts on their mobile device, reminding them whenever the pet needs a vet visit, vaccination or hair cut.

The app has a points and rewards system to motivate users to keep up with the pet’s care. Every time an alert goes out and the pet owner fulfills the pet’s need, he or she will get points for it. We believe this points and rewards system strengthens the bond between pet and pet owner.



Please help us realize this project. We are seeking funding via crowdfunding. We are seeking funding because we would like to develop our app for all existing mobile platforms and make it available in all mobile device markets.

We hope to launch the app globally and work with veterinarians in each country ensuring all pets will receive the mandatory and basic care they deserve. If you travel abroad with your pet, this app will help you meet your pet’s basic care needs anywhere in the world.

In the future, we would like to expand our app to cover all types of pet (ferrets, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, etc) not just cats and dogs.

Your monetary donation not only helps us achieve our goal, but in return, you will get pet products for your four-legged friend.

The three of us have previously developed other pet products and part of our profits goes towards helping those that need it the most, homeless and shelter pets.

Your donation will help us launch our app and improve the lives of pets.

If you can’t donate please share this article and helps us reach a broader audience. We really appreciate your help.

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