Police are Asking Public for Help in Finding Missing Police Dog

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6.18.14 - Police are Asking Public for Help in Finding Missing Police Dog

In the city of Poughkeepsie, police officials are asking the public for any information that will bring their newest police dog to the force back home. The dog has been missing since this past Monday.

Falcone is his name and he was last seen in the area of Upper North Road in Highland. Falcone got his name in honor of a fallen police officer. Detective John Falcone was killed in the line of duty on the 18th of February, 2011. He had been responding to an emergency call involving someone firing a gun at a train station on Main Street in Poughkeepsie.

Falcone is a 17-month-old German shepherd, and should be wearing a brown collar. He apparently took off running after seeing a deer and attempted to chase it down.

Police are asking anyone that sees him to contact the Town of Lloyd offices by calling 845-691-6102. They also say that if you call him by name, he will respond, but as he is a highly trained police dog, it is not advisable to approach him, especially if he seems cornered, and or feels scared or threatened.




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  1. I saw something on TV about someone losing a dog after a car accident. The lady put a jacket of hers with her scent on it in the area where the dog went missing. She went back everyday and after a few days her dog had found her jacket and stayed there til she returned.

  2. Wow Mrs. Caroline SheddShedd
    You made quite a few assumptions about my knowledge and experience with police K9, or even military working dogs, but that’s ok, it’s Facebook, a simple news article.
    My point that was well missed was yes I pray the do is found soon and in great health, but accountability. The cop lost city or county property. If I were doing a board train for John Doe or a law enforcement agency I would be held responsible / accountable for the dog or could I just say because the dog is high in drive and ran off sorry?.. Mind you this is the same drive seen in any coon or hunting dog well most any dog his age. This highly trained special police dog took off after a deer! Wow if that’s the drive and independent thinking of a specialized K9 then I will stick to sport dogs if it weren’t to late lol. Yes the cop should be held accountable!


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