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War Zone Puppy Reunited with Marine


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Rescued from certain death by US Marines, a dog that survived the war in Afghanistan is safe in her new home – thanks to the Marines and an act of love from hundreds of local school children.

“She was a stray and in bad shape, maybe 10-15 pounds. She had been in a couple of fights and was all scarred up,” said Captain Matt Taylor, the man responsible for her rescue mission. Taylor befriended the dog while deployed in Afghanistan, and could not bear the thought of leaving her behind to fiend for herself – so he didn’t. Instead, he set the wheels in motion for an extraordinary mission that would find the dog moved half way around the world thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Taylor and fellow Marines set up a website to raise funds for her trip, and students from Taylor’s home state took over from there: pupils at Lebanon Middle School donated one dollar at a time to raise the $1,000 needed to send Alice home to the states.