Washington State Woman Steps in to Save Puppy from Cruel Neighborhood Kids

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6.10.14 - Washington State Woman Steps in to Save Puppy from Cruel Neighborhood Kids

Brandi Luckey of Lacey, Washington may have saved the life of 9-pound German shepherd mix Bella when she witnessed her being horribly abused by three neighborhood kids, got the incident on film and stepped in to stop them.

“I’ve seen them beat her on the head and kick her,” Brandi said.

She says she witnessed the kids hit Bella with a broom, step on her, and throw her across the backyard.

“It makes me want to go down and strangle them, seriously,” she said in an interview given to KIRO 7 News.

Instead of throttling the hooligans herself, Brandi’s boyfriend shot a video of them doing this, while Brandi called Crime Stoppers, then animal services.  The video taken was shared with law enforcement and shown on KIRO 7 News.

Officers went and seized the puppy, and are demanding the mother of the three kids in the video answer for their misdeeds.  Brandi is convinced the mother knew what was going on.

“If I see this going on outside it makes me wonder what’s going on inside,” she said.

KIRO 7 News attempted to talk to the mother of the kids in question, but when they went to the woman’s door, no one would answer.

A vet taking care of Bella said x-rays were done and Bella is walking with a bit of a limp, but will ultimately by okay.

“They could have easily killed her, just stepping on her alone I’m surprised they didn’t break some ribs,” said Dr. Vicky Smith told KIRO 7 News, while holding Bella in an exam room.

Brandi is the hero here, and having stepped in, very well could have saved this puppy’s life.  Hearing that Bella will be okay is what Brandi was most concerned with, and hearing Dr. Smith’s general assessment, she feels a bit better.

“I can’t save them all but I can say I saved at least one and that makes me feel good,” said Brandi.

The video below is KIRO 7 News coverage of the ongoing investigation.


14 thoughts on “Washington State Woman Steps in to Save Puppy from Cruel Neighborhood Kids”

  1. Thank you for stepping up and doing the right thing. Lucky little puppy – so happy to see. This mother and kids disgust me and I sincerely hope they are fined and punished.

  2. What about the kids? Throw them in a juvenile detention center, teach em a lesson. By the looks of them they are going to grow up and be complete pieces of S***! Sure I blame the mom but the kids should know better. Lil bastards!

  3. Future criminals all. All that puppy wanted to do was play and love. If they can do this to something so harmless and sweet, no telling what future crimes they will committ.

  4. Disgusting little pieces of human garbage who look old enough to definitely know better. I hope that they get their sorry butts tossed into a juvenile facility where others who are possessed of some humanity teach them what it feels like to be helpless against someone stronger. Thank you to the kind woman who saved this small animal.

  5. Those kids are sooooooooo lucky it was not me watching them I would have been in jail for the rest of my life.Thank you Brandi for saving her.where is the pup now?


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