We All Love Lemon Pie!

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Lemon Pie with his new legs! (Photo – Care2.com)

Sweet Lemon Pie, a big, beautiful, fun-loving dog, ran into some bad, bad people in Mexico. The bad people were members of an organized crime ring. They practiced cutting off his front feet like they do when they cut off fingers of the people they kidnap. The two stumps Lemon Pie was left with made it difficult for him to walk.

Lemon Pie was rescued and taken to Canine Miracles, a shelter in Mexico founded by Patricia Cruz. With the help of some new technology developed in the United States, and after raising a large amount of money, Lemon Pie received two new front legs that were designed specifically for him, from molds of his front legs.

Although he was a bit shaky on his new legs at first, Lemon Pie is now able to run and play, something he probably never thought he’d be able to do again. At a cost of $8,000 per leg, Lemon Pie is now one of the luckiest dogs around!

Source: Care2.com

6 thoughts on “We All Love Lemon Pie!”

  1. God bless you Lemon Pie and God bless Canine Miracles!! As a firm believer in karma I’m sure those people who did this to lemon pie will get their comeuppance 3 folds (at least!).

  2. Awwwww, Awesome stuff WTG Rescuer’s, I hope They got who ever did this 2 this poor dog, & if not, I just pray 2 God there is a HELL and They ROT in it. Humans R the worse of all the Animals by far (Pathetic really) I wish for Lemon Pie a good long healthy life, God Bless all who helped Lemon Pie ♥

  3. Come on folks, we all know where people like the ones that did that to Lemon Pie are going without a dought, my faith brings me comfort. It’s not a matter of “if” it’s just a matter of “when” they will get what they deserve when they leave this earth.

  4. Im doing a report about animal prosthetics and i pick this one because i thought it was a very good one live life well Lemon Pie


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