745 Pets Saved in Weekend Adoption Drive

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Families poured into the Jacksonville Fairgrounds this weekend to attend an adoption drive that surpassed all expectations.

Volunteer Tabitha Faddis said she’s made so many adopted signs that she’s lost count. “Jacksonville’s really stepping up to say ‘you know what, I have a place in my heart for these animals,'” Faddis said.

The drive was initiated to save shelter animals in the wake of Tropical Storm Debby, when more than 200 area pets were displaced. Animal Care and Protective Services issued a plea to the public to help adopt and foster, and the community’s response was overwhelming.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets representative Dianne Wiles said this is proof that promoting adoption works. “Thank you!” Wiles said. “Thank you for adopting and not shopping and spread the word. We can become a no-kill city and that’s our ultimate goal.”

3 thoughts on “745 Pets Saved in Weekend Adoption Drive”

  1. This always lights my heart when I read stories like these. There are so many dogs and cats being put to sleep per year, and when you read a story like this, it’s just amazing. I’m happy that the dogs and cats got a loving home and that the people opened their homes for a shelter pet.

  2. I hate to be negative but 745 pets were not “saved.”. Given the number of staff and volunteers there, how much time do you think was spent with each adopter? Was all the proper information taken down on hundreds of applications? Were even drivers licenses required? And what were the fees? Were they high enough that the “adopters” had no financial incentive to sell them for research? Or dog-fighting? How is the shelter going to manage 745 follow-up calls to make sure the pet is in the home? I understand it was a tough situation but some of those animals may be fighting for their lives while we humans just look at the number of animals removed from the premises. Who is looking after them now?


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