What Happens When People Who Fear Dogs Meet a Puppy

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Some people who swear they are terrified of dogs have never really interacted with a pet. Their fears stem from myths and/or other people’s opinions, but when these dog fearful humans meet the sweetest beings on Earth (PUPPIES!) their misconstructed opinions fly out the door and their true selves – genuine animal lovers – emerge.

77 thoughts on “What Happens When People Who Fear Dogs Meet a Puppy”

  1. My Brother is scared of Dogs, but had someone bring a beagle home and chain it up outside with a plain wooden box with no insulation or cover over the door. That poor soul suffered for about a month all alone and i couldn’t stand it. So i went over one day while he was at work and took him home. My brother never complained or missed him. The beagle turned out to be my best friend for 12 years…Very, very happy. Both of us. My brother never made that mistake again.


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