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When a Boo-Boo Has You Down!

by Melanie

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3.16.13 BooBooLoonEvery once in a while, a new invention for pets comes along that has owners scratching their heads and wondering, now why didn’t I think of that?  It’s an inflatable pet “recovery collar” that allows your pet to heal in comfort.

Ok, so it has a cute name – don’t hold that against it.  This is a seriously cool item that really works – and it’s allowed a lot of pets (and their people) to rest easier after surgery or chronic skin issues.

The e-collar or Elizabethan cone or “lampshade” is not any pet’s favorite thing to wear.  No wonder: they restrict a dog’s vision, hearing, and mobility, making the wearer feel very vulnerable.  And even a soft cone is… still a cone!  It’s sad to watch your pet in these contraptions trying to walk while bumping into things, and pitifully stopping and starting the whole time.

Instead of spending all day uncomfortable and frustrated, pets wearing the BooBooLoon can relax, rest and recover, and it’s known that less stress will help your pets get well sooner.

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