When You Put A Rescue Dog And A Baby Tiger Together, This Is What Happens

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Cliff Grant the tiger cub was accidentally hurt by his mom, so he needed to be separated while he was rehabilitated. While he was getting better, workers at the zoo where he was decided he needed a playmate, and introduced him to Prada the dog. The two quickly became best friends, and now they play all the time! Zoo keepers are so confident the two won’t hurt each other, that they even let them play by themselves!

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  1. Well, since the West Coast Game Park, in Oregon, has been doing the very same thing with their large cats for 30-40 years I don’t see why they would even question putting them together. I love that place and have been going there for over 30 years. They do rescues. It’s very small but enjoyable. So it’s not new idea, but glad they thought to do it.

  2. Here we go….again dogs fault. I am sorry to hear about the boy hope and pray he will have a fast recovery. People have brains ..right??please use it..dont let the kids run to dogs that they are not familiar with. so that poor animals want be blamed for every attack which takes place.


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