When Your Dog LOVES the Rain Perhaps a Bit Too Much…

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How do you know when your Newfoundland has gone full-blown doofy floof?






3 thoughts on “When Your Dog LOVES the Rain Perhaps a Bit Too Much…”

  1. I want this story to be shared,here it is.
    I was with my cousin’s dog,Nellie.We were alone
    and Nellie did the big puppy eyes and I asked:
    Nellie,do you want to be friends?
    She seemed too surprised but she let out a
    tiny little bark,and I took it as a yes!
    Katie,my cousin’s other dog,came up to me,
    licked my face,and trotted happily back to the door,
    to wait for my cousin,Grace to come out.
    this proses went on for a little while,until Grace came out,
    of course! I love dogs so much!!!!


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