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Will He Eat It? Steel Tries Out Some Fruits and Veggies for the First Time

by Fred

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We here at Life With dogs want you to know that we take dog food safety VERY seriously, as should all pet-parents.  There are a number of foods that you should NEVER feed your dog for any reason, and in this video, Mr. Ahren provides a decent list of food items, fruits and veg specifically, that are bad or even potentially deadly.  Be sure to watch to the end for the list, and if you personally know of something else that was maybe missed, feel free to add it in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page.  Remember, they’re counting on us to keep our pets happy, healthy, and over-all safe.


Steel has an issue that’s not at all uncommon for a floof such as himself.  He just always appears to be hungry, and NEVER turns down a snack.  So, his human Joey Ahren made this YouTube video of Steel trying some fruits and vegetables to see if there is something he’ll turn down.  The results are very interesting, and there’s even some food safety tips on here as well.








Not too big of a surprise here.  Most dogs we know will eat them.  Sometimes not raw, but Steel seems to enjoy the crunch.




Celery…  Yeah, it’s crunchy, but VERY bland.  Most humans we know consider it mostly a vehicle for gobs of ranch dressing.




Here’s with some pineapple.  This food is a citrus food, and may not be good for your dog.  Use with caution, or better yet not at all.


Not into the mango that much… and clearly not impressed by the smell.




He seemed to really enjoy the raw broccoli.  Again, raw it’s very crunchy which seems to be a common theme.


Steel wasn’t into the strawberry so much.


The watermelon was a hit.


And the cantaloupe was a hot, too.


So, it would seem that there actually are a few things that Steel will not eat.  How about you?  Are there any favorite foods your pets have that are a bit strange, or maybe something just a bit unexpected?  Are there any foods on the list at the end that were missed?  Share your dog food adventures with us either in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page.