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Witness Protection Program for Dogs

by Katherine

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In Indianapolis, there is an animal rescue organization providing protection services to abuse dogs similar to the renowned witness protection program owned and carried out by the Federal government.

Photo Credit: graur razvan ionut/
Photo Credit: graur razvan ionut/

The canine witness protection program is a joint effort between Every Dog Counts and the city’s Animal Care and Control.

According to a PawNation report, when allegations are made that a dog has become the victimof abuse or violence and Animal Control is called, the pet is removed from the abusive environment and placed with the rescue group Every Dog Counts. While the investigation is open, the pet goes into hiding to avoid future abuse.

Tara Harris and her group of dedicated volunteers welcome the canine victims into the program. The abused pet is placed in a secure and undisclosed location while it undergoes rehabilitation, veterinary care and while the police investigation concludes.

All costs for the animal victims are covered by Every Dog Counts. The organization relies heavily on public donations to accommodate the needs of all four-legged victims.

“A sick or injured dog can rapidly rack up $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000 in veterinary bills,” Harris said.

While inside the canine witness protection program, the victims receive new names and identities, and once rehabilitated the pets are placed for adoption and get to enjoy their new peaceful lives next to loving and caring new forever families.

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