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Woman and Long Lost Dog Reunited by Chance


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reunited by chance

A woman walks into a dog grooming salon, and walks out with her long lost dog. Some might call it fate.

Michelle (last name unknown) told local reporters that she was shocked when she went to pick her dog at a grooming salon, only to recognize another dog that was being groomed. It looked very much like her dog Pepper, who had been missing for three years.

“When I went to pick up Smokey to bring her back home, I saw a dog that looked just like Pepper, the dog that ran away 3 years ago,” said Michelle, the owner. “I just kept on saying, ‘Oh my goodness, that looks like my dog.’ I wouldn’t let it go. When I said, ‘Pepper,’ her ears perked up, and she howled at me, and she got really excited, so it led me to believe that is was my dog.”

The owners of  that dog agreed to have the Schnauzer scanned for a microchip, and the results confirmed her identity. The understanding family allowed Michelle to reclaim her long lost friend, and today Pepper is back in the safety original home, reunited with her guardian by chance – and a microchip.

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