Social Networking and Your Best Friend

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The folks at Lab 42 got an interesting friend request from a dog on Facebook and a new survey was born. Let’s check out the results in the form of an infographic they created.

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7 thoughts on “Social Networking and Your Best Friend”

  1. I’m a little miffed that only 53% of dog owners pick up their doggy doo every time in public places. Really? And 13% say they never do?

  2. I’m really saddened by the number of people not willing to give up their electronic devices for pups. I would give up all but my human family members for my pooch.

    • It doesn’t look to me like there was an option for “none”. They most likely had to pick something from that list.

  3. My dogs don’t have their own facebook pages, but I don’t have any human pictures on mine lol.

    Honestly, I think most of the people on here would gladly give up all of their electronic devices before any of their fur babies.


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