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Woman Attempts to Ransom Dog Back to Family

by Fred

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3.26.15 - 8am


Bella is finally back with her family after being returned by the woman suspected of taking her.  Now, Amanda Shamese Bynum stands accused of trying to extort money from the family for the return of Bella.  She also faces a host of other charges.

Bella’s family said that the individual that took Bella is the same person that returned her.  It wasn’t without a great deal of convincing, but she is finally home.

The reports say that Bella wandered a bit farther away than she should have while her family was unloading groceries.  Eyewitnesses say that a passerby in their vehicle stopped, picked up Bella and drove away.

Soon after, Bella could be found on a social media website.  She was wearing a costume and appeared to be for sale on Bynum’s page.

Bella is safely at home now.  There’s still a legal battle ahead, but Bella’s family is just very happy to have her back.  Bynum did manage to post bail and is awaiting her next court date.  When news sources attempted to contact Bynum, she did not answer, nor return any messages left.