Woman Credits Service Dog With Saving Her Life

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An elderly Arizona woman says that were it not for her service dog, she likely would have died after a fall that left her incapacitated.

According to ABC15.com, Bethe Bennett fell on her kitchen floor last week. The impact broke her femur and left her unconscious. Bennett’s service dog, Danny, licked her face until she awoke. Bennett is a former nurse, and says that had Danny not found a way to wake her, she likely would have gone into shock and died.

bethe danny“I would still be there,” she said. “Nobody was coming to check on me until Monday or Tuesday.”

One major problem remained. Bennett could not move. The phone was out of reach and she had no other means of requesting help. Desperate, she looked to Danny for help. Bennett asked the miniature schnauzer to fetch the phone for her.

“I started asking Danny to get me the phone,” Bennett said in an interview with ABC. “He ran back and forth a couple of times barking and finally jumped up and knocked the phone over and pushed it with his nose toward me.”

The determined dog was able to nudge the phone until Bennett could reach it. Relieved, she called for help – before realizing that her door was locked. If she could not find a way to unlock it, Bennett feared that rescuers would not be able to reach her. Looking to her devoted dog for assistance, Bennett asked him for one more favor.

“Paper!” she called to Danny. He ran off, returning shortly thereafter with five sheets of paper: one of them contained the phone numbers of all of Bennett’s neighbors. The injured woman was able to reach a neighbor with a spare key, who arrived just in time to unlock the front door as paramedics arrived. Danny had saved the day.

Bennett is now recovering at the Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale, and her dog is by her side around the clock. She has written a book called “Forever Home” about the animals she has fostered, and said she has future plans to write one about Danny.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be the one he’d have to rescue,” she said. “He was my little hero.”