Woman Goes on Vacation and Leaves Pet Without Food or Water

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A woman from Seville, Spain, planned to go on vacation and have lots of fun, but didn’t make arrangements for her dog. Instead the woman abandoned the animal for more than a week and locked the pet inside the home without food and water. Thanks to neighbors who contacted police about the dying dog, the pet was rescued and is now recovering.

Photo credit: Andaluces Diario
Photo credit: Andaluces Diario

On Dec. 3, 2015, local police saved the malnourished dog found starving to death. Multiple neighbors called authorities to report the pet’s abandonment.

According to Andaluces Diario, the pet owner had left more than a week prior to the dog’s discovery, and when help arrived, the dog was found in a room filled with garbage and feces. There was no food or water available in sight.

Authorities removed the pet and transported the dog to a local veterinarian where the animal is being nursed back to health.

As for the animal abuser, she is expected to be arrested once she gets back to town.

890 thoughts on “Woman Goes on Vacation and Leaves Pet Without Food or Water”

    • I agree with you,, starve her sorry butt. My heart broke for this poor dog. He never did anything but be her loyal friend. She doesn’t deserve him, he’s way to good for the likes of her. I wish the laws were more harsh for animal abusers

  1. I agree, but it needs to be for a week, same as the dog. And why the hell would you post this BEFORE she gets back? Now she has been forewarned..

  2. For people like the owner of this beautiful dog, there should also be charges for almost killing him since she left him there with no water no food and unattended. FACT The owner must have thought of the fun she or he was going to have with out “Responsibilities”. I hope the owner learns a lesson and that the poor dog finds a better home.


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