Woman Left at the Alter Decides to Celebrate Being a Dog Mom Instead

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You always hear stories about it, but they almost always seem a bit too Hollywood to be entirely true:  a woman spends months preparing for the wedding of her dreams with the man who stole her heart, and then she’s jilted at the alter on the big day.  However, when this happened to Romina Pitton, she didn’t let it wreck her day like it would have for most.  She totally owned it, and came up with an altogether different idea.



The Argentinean woman decided that she should make the best of an awful situation, and let her dog Regina step up instead.  She already had this big bash planned and mostly paid for, so she threw it anyway, and decided that being a very faithful and loving dog mom is worth celebrating.


“Regina is affectionate in the saddest moments,” Romina told The Dodo.  “She loves wearing dresses and is very content.”


All of her friends and family that said they’d be by her side for the wedding day showed up to celebrate Romina and Regina’s love, and it was quite an affair.  No one at the party even seemed to mind the fact that there was no actual wedding.  Friends and family alike made sure that everyone there had an absolute blast, especially Romina and Regina.


“I’m still happy for having carried out my party in spite of the groom,” Romina said.