Woman on Morning Walk Saves Dog Sealed in Trash Bag

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Two women in Fontana, California are being credited with saving the life of a small dog that was sealed in a trash bag, and left in an open field to die.  Gladys, as the dog is now called, is recovering at Sunshine Haven Animal Rescue, and is expected to fully recover.

A woman was on her morning walk in her neighborhood.  This walk takes her near an open field near Valley Boulevard and Catawba Avenue, when on this particular morning an odd sound caught her ear.

The sound of a dog whimpering was coming from somewhere on the open field, but she couldn’t exactly see where.  She started out towards the sound when she came upon a black, plastic garbage bag that had been tied and sealed up, with the small shaking dog inside.

Another woman also passing by went and grabbed a blanket, while the other opened up the bag and got the rather beaten up looking dog out.  The two waited while animal control was called, and Gladys was off to safety.

Gladys is covered with rashes and bite marks.  There are large patches of hair missing, and she is severely underweight.

As of right now, the total abuse and suffering she must have gone through is not fully known.  There is a full police investigation underway, and anyone with any information on what has happened to poor Gladys is asked to call the Fontana Police Department at 909-350-7740.  You can also click here to view the police department’s website.

Picture Slideshow by Martha Guzman