Bathing Bravo Is Not so Easy

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There are some dogs that enjoy bath time, but there are others that rather do anything but get a bath. When you have a little dog it is easy to pick him up and place him in the tub, but when your dog is as large as Bravo, getting him in the tub and making him stay in there is not so easy. Bravo wasn’t sure if baths were a good thing, and after a comical start to his bath routine he realized baths weren’t bad after all.

78 thoughts on “Bathing Bravo Is Not so Easy”

  1. I had a horrible time with my large dog…and I tried everything including getting in with him. I was more wet than he. It was easier to take him to the groomer lol.

  2. My dogs are medium sized and they are like dead weight trying to lift them into the tub. They both get the zoomies after a bath too, like Bravo.


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