Woman Opens Her Home to Unwanted Elderly Pets

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House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary is a place where unwanted elderly pets can live the rest of their days in peace. In this Gaithersburg, Maryland, home all dogs are surrounded by love and live worry free. All resident dogs were either rescued from shelters or surrendered when their elderly owners passed away. Sher Polvinale and a team of volunteers dedicate their time to care for all dogs and show them unconditional love until the day the pets cross the rainbow bridge.

145 thoughts on “Woman Opens Her Home to Unwanted Elderly Pets”

  1. She is a hero! Senior dogs are the best – i have one now. A lot of dogs we have rescued in the past were already seniors when we adopted them. They make the best pets. Kudos to this lady.

  2. Sher Polvinale Thank you for the exceptional and selfless work you and your volunteers do for these senior dogs at “House with a Heart.” It breaks my heart to see so many senior dogs discarded after having given their humans the most of their lives with unconditional love and dedication only to be rewarded by unceremoniously dumping them at the side of the road or at the Humane Society. Thank you for knowing that dogs are not “until acquisitions.” You don’t just keep them until you get a new place or enter a new relationship or until they reach a certain age. Dogs are a lifetime obligation. If that isn’t how you feel going in, then you have no business having a dog, or any animal, in the first place. Your dedication and hard work is evident in the lives of all of the dogs scampering around your feet and those adorning the walls who have gone on to the “Rainbow Bridge.”


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