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Woman Pays Vet to Euthanize Dog, Finds it Living with New Owner 4 Months Later


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Lisa Gossett’s one-year-old Chihuahua Lola was viciously mauled by another dog four months ago. The veterinarian told her the outlook was not good and gave her two choices.

lola“Pay out all this money and there’s a 20% chance that she’ll live or euthanize her, so it was hard,” said Gossett.

Gossett says she didn’t want Lola to suffer, so she signed a waiver and said a painful goodbye. For weeks she and her daughter grieved the loss of Lola, honoring her memory and trying to get past the pain of losing her. Just as they were making progress, an unexpected phone call turned their world upside down.

Lola was alive and well, and living in a new home.

This shocking report from WKOB raises interesting questions about matters of ownership, trust, and intent: and if nothing else, it serves as a compelling reminder to always read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

Clinic administrator Lynda Stevens issued a statement saying that the worker who removed the dog had violated policy and had been terminated.