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Woman Puts her Life in Danger to Rescue Dog from the Highway


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Kate Robinson was driving down the highway in Texas when she spotted a dog in danger. Robinson stopped to help the dog, putting herself in danger. She would not only rescue the dog from the road but help to find its family.

On Wednesday, Robinson was driving on the highway in Williamson County, Texas when she spotted a muddy dog on the side of the road. Although it was dangerous for her to pull over and get out on the busy highway Robinson did just that to help the dog. She got the dog safely in her car and took her to the animal hospital for a check-up where the dog checked out fine.

Robinson wasn’t done helping the dog though. She posted a picture of her on Craigslist hoping she could reunite the dog with its family. The post worked and soon it was learned the dog’s name was Delilah and she had ended up muddy and on the loose after digging her way out of her family’s yard.

Robinson is just grateful to have been of help. “It makes me feel great,” she said. “I’m really happy that I was able to reach out and save this dog when a lot of people drove by and didn’t even think about risking their own life to save an animal, and I would do it again and again…the joy that it brought that family and that dog to be reunited – priceless.”