Woman Rejects Arranged Marriage Proposal in Favor of Her Dog

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While arranged marriage is still practiced in many parts of the world, rejection is somewhat uncommon, and, certainly, rejection because the interested party does not want to have anything to do his intended’s dog, takes things to a whole new level.

Karishma Walia’s conversation has gone viral on Twitter according to India Today, with people from all over the place weighing in on the subject.


On Karishma’s Facebookpage her intro says it all, “For my dog, I am the one. And that’s all that matters. #DogLove #DogsOfFacebook #ILoveYouLucyWalia.”

Personally, seems like she made the right choice all the way around and we wish Karishma and her best pal, Lucy, all the best.  Besides, she already has unconditional love and what can be better than that?

4 thoughts on “Woman Rejects Arranged Marriage Proposal in Favor of Her Dog”

  1. You are so better off without this guy. He is concerned only about his mother and himself and what he wants. Even if he were to pay your family to marry you, you should reject him. He sounds callow, selfish, and in general a stuffed shirt. Good job. I am sure the real man will eventually come along. But you should stand your ground and meet any partner on your terms.

  2. Good for you! I’m indian too, and I can see the annoying cultural prissiness here. I have a cat (I love dogs too) and I said early on if a guy acts like an entitled jerk when it comes to animals, he will be kicked to the curb and I *won’t* be looking back. I will love his mother, kids, and whole family but all *I* ask is that you respect my care for animals because family isn’t just the old patriarchal structure with humans only. Animals are important too, and if we have a pets we are responsible for them. Period. They can’t communicate the way we can, and thus trust us to do right by them. Anyone who asks you to betray that trust has a lot to learn about being human themselves. It is irresponsible, not to mention selfish, to abandon them. I hope this guy reads these messages and learns to be more human and realizes what a *jackass* the world thinks he is. At the very least he could have been kind and respected your decision and moved on. Instead he tells you to “marry the dog.” Asshole.


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