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Woman Rescues Chihuahua from Busy Road


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octoberLiza Love was driving home Friday night when she spotted an animal in the road. Realizing no one was stopping to help Love pulled a U-turn and stopped to help what turned out to be a Chihuahua.

Love wasn’t taking her usual route home on Friday when at around 6:45 p.m. she noticed an animal being hit by several cars. As she watched in her rearview mirror she also noticed that no one was stopping to help. Love couldn’t just drive away and not help.

“I’ve been in a lot of positions in my life where it would’ve been awesome to have somebody step in,” said Love. “Just a year ago I was assaulted and it’s a really hard recovery and I couldn’t imagine being in that position and having no one step in to help you.”

Love expected the worst from the dog that was barely moving when she came to its rescue. She rushed the five-pound Chihuahua to a nearby animal hospital where she was sure they wouldn’t be able to save it. Then the vets came out and told her that the dog was walking around and eating.

The Chihuahua is estimated to be about a year and half old and miraculously only suffered a few scratches. She has no microchip or collar, Love is calling the dog “October Miracle.”  Love is unable to permanently keep the dog, but is fostering her until the owners or a new adoptive family can be found. Anyone who recognizes the dog or is interested in adopting her can contact Love at [email protected]