Woman Reunite with Lost Dog After Three Years

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oliviaThree years have passed since Patty Corbat’s dog Olivia went missing. She had given up hope of ever seeing her dog again, but this Saturday the two were reunited after Olivia was found only 8 miles away from her home.

Three years ago Olivia had slipped away from a pet sitter. Corbat had no idea where Olivia had gone and after so many years was giving up hope. Then last week she got a phone call from Pet Haven Rescue informing her they had found Olivia.

It turns out Olivia had been living in a field next to a mall only eight miles away from Corbat’s home in Wellington, Florida. People had pictures of the dog going back at least two years. Olivia had always been too skittish to let anyone get close enough to her and help her.

Pet Haven Pet Rescue heard about Olivia and decided to set a trap to help the stray dog. They were able to successfully catch Olivia and when they cleaned her up and checked her out they found a microchip linking Olivia back to Corbat.

Corbat was emotional to have Olivia back. Corbat was thrilled to be reunited with Olivia who had belonged to her husband. When her husband passed away she had promised him to always take care of his Olivia. Now she can fulfill that promise again.

“I’m so happy to have her back, you have no idea,” said Corbat.

Olivia was just as happy. She clearly remembered Corbat and for the first time since being rescued she seemed truly comforted.

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  1. Thank god…feel so bad this precious Angel had to Endure 3 yrs in the elements of weather surviving all be herself….being probably scared,lonely,hungry,just breaks my heart thinking of her lonliness during these long 3 yrs..omg…but relieved she didn’t have to spend another day out there and she’s home where she belongs…god bless her and her family…she had to of had a true Angel looking out for her all these years…it’s a Miracle…. Soo happy for you sweet,beautiful Olivia….


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