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Woman Saves Stray Cambodian Puppy and Brings him Home to England


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snookyElise Dixie was volunteering in Cambodia when she met and fell in love with a stray puppy. The puppy was sick and close to dying when Elise saved its life and spent £3,000 to bring him home to England with her.

When 26-year-old Dixie first met Snooky the puppy he was in an awful state. Snooky had lost most of its hair and had a swollen stomach. He also had a chain around his neck that had begun to cut into his neck. Dixie began taking care of Snooky while she stayed at a hostel for her volunteer trip between September and December of last year. She used a pair of bolt cutters to remove the chain and then took Snooky to a vet who told her he was only weeks away from dying in his current condition.

Dixie paid for Snooky’s care and helped get him healthy. When she had to leave Cambodia to return home to England she arranged for Snooky to be taken care of by the Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society.

The Animal Welfare Society sent Dixie updates on Snooky’s progress. While Snooky worked on getting healthy, Dixie was raising money to bring the puppy to live in England with her. She raised £3,000 to bring Snooky back to England. It was a happy reunion for both.

“I was certain he wouldn’t know who I was – but he was happy to see me, wagging his tail,” said Dixie. “I was bawling my eyeballs out. He’s a great dog and everyone loves him so much.”

Snooky is now adjusting well to life in England and Dixie is happy to have her friend home and safe.