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Woman Uses CPR to Save Neighbor’s Dog


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Two dogs were rescued from a Hastings, MN. house fire Monday, and vets say one of those dogs owes its life to a kind hearted, resourceful neighbor. The home erupted in flames at about 11:30 a.m. Monday. The owners of the property were away at the time, but their two dogs and a rabbit were trapped alone inside.

Tara Mauch performs life saving mouth-to-snout resuscitation on a neighbor's dog after it was overcome with smoke in a house fire. (photo: West Central Tribune)


Firefighters responded quickly, and once the blaze was under control, they entered the building to search for survivors. Huddled in the ashes were the family’s two dogs: one of them was struggling to breathe. Sadly, the rabbit did not survive.

Neighbor Tara Mauch witnessed the rescue, and when firemen came out of the home with the gasping dog in their arms, she took over. While another bystander held the dog, Mauch used mouth-to-snout resuscitation to clear its lungs of smoke. Shortly thereafter, both dogs were transported to a local vet, who said that while mouth-to-mouth is rarely performed on animals, it likely made the difference in this case.

The dog’s grateful owner, Jean Appert, agrees, and says Mauch is a hero. “She probably saved his life,” said Appert. “I’m pretty sure she saved his life.”
Praised for her quick thinking,  Mauch was humble, and said she frequently went out of her way to rescue struggling, lost or injured animals.

“I think you should have love and compassion for all living things — and that includes neighbors,” Mauch explained. “Think of other people as if they were you and your family.”