Woman Who Saved Fight Dog Now Searching for Answers

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5.14.15 - injured dog

Tomeka Collins came across a site no dog lover ever wants to see.  While traveling near Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Street and 15th Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida, she came across a dog that was very badly injured.  She got the dog immediate medical attention, and is now trying to help locate the dog’s family, or at very least an answer to what happened.

“I think he probably lost his last fight, so they left him for dead,” said Tomeka.

She suspects that the dog may have been a part of a local dog fighting ring.  It is not at all uncommon for dogs that lose fights to be left for dead, if not killed outright.  Seeing the dogs condition, she took him to the Pinellas County Animal Services.

In a press release, Doug Brightwell says the dog will require a great deal of surgery and therapy.  Brightwell is the interim director of the county animal services.

“It’s been a long while since we’ve been able to find an active fighting ring, but we find a fair number of scarred dogs, abandoned and wandering strays on the streets,” said Brightwell.

Right now, things don’t look good as far as finding those responsible for doing thins to the poor dog.  In a lot of cases, it’s very difficult to prosecute anyone possibly involved.  The extremely secretive nature of these dog fighting rings leave little to no evidence behind.  Without a large scale investigation involving lots of people, time and money, these cases are rarely solved.

“It’s a horrible activity and the dogs don’t deserve it,” said Brightwell.  “The community doesn’t deserve it.”

Tomeka is staunchly against any form of animal cruelty.  She especially against dog fighting ring, and is determined to see it put to an end in the United States.

“Even a couple dogs saved is better than nothing,” she said.

233 thoughts on “Woman Who Saved Fight Dog Now Searching for Answers”

  1. There are no bad dogs in this world, it’s cruel people!!!!! Get rid of the cruel people! Put and end to them, not the innocent animals.

      • For every dead fighting dog that can’t be saved and for every bait animal that is terrorized, tortured and killed to train a fighting dog, a provider of such animals and the dog fighters and their accomplices who participate willingly for money should all be put in the grave with the dogs/chickens or any other creature they were responsible for being there. Make it illegal to sell fighting animals, and execute enough dog fighters and people involved with it and it will stop. They are greedy cowards that care for no one but themselves. They even force their children to participate sometimes and bribe the children as well. Local dog fighters have raised their teenage sons to be dog fighters so that now they are criminals by choice. We have to find a way to make it stop. Greed grows and evil grows it has to be cut away or burned out of society like a cancer.

        • I agree withy you 200



    • I agree with ALL the posters. It’s PEOPLE, not animals, who need to be “put down” for doing what they do to defenseless animals.

  2. The truly sad thing is that most of these fight dogs people believe they are rescuing get put down because they can not be safely adopted out and almost no one steps up to give them a proper home.

    • TedA, sorry, but you are wrong. Most of these dogs that get rescued are rehabilitated and become loving family pets. They don’t choose to fight, they are forced to. For example, look up Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs. Only one or 2 of them had to be put down. All the rest are fine, and some of them are even trained to be therapy dogs now. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

      • I agree 100% the problem lies with local authorties and police, they would rather arrest someone with a bag of weed rather then follow up leads to go after these scums..

  3. I hope they find whoever did this and I also know that they will burn in hell forever when they reach judgement day!!

  4. I think dog fighting, cock fighting or any other activity that injures animals is terrible. I think that anyone who knows where these activities are taking place should report it.

  5. Something needs to be done to the animals that do this to these poor dogs. This animal cowards (people) are just a bunch of low life hood rats. When is the government going to make this a felony charge. How can our government just sit by and read all this and see pictures of these poor dogs.

    How can a human being watch this and put these poor dogs through this. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A WASTE OF SPACE….. If I ever saw this happening you assholes would be DEAD…

  6. Tomeka is an angel, thank you for your kindness. I too love animals and hate to see e torture they go through with those “evil people”. We must catch those ring leaders!

  7. Thank you for saving this precious soul. I truly hope and pray that the monsters involved in this will be caught sooner than later….the maximum needs to be enforced. Tomeka you are an angel we need more people like you.


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