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Wounded Dog, Missing For A Year, Finds His Way Home to Family

by Amy Drew

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The Millers have been missing their dog, Tank, for more than a year, since the black-and-white pittie was taken from their San Antonio, TX, backyard.

And so when KSAT covered the story of a dog who was recovering from being shot — rescuers at the Animal Defense League where he was recovering were calling him Mr. Big — they were surprised to say the least.

“I jumped up from the couch and was like, that’s Tank! That’s him!” Michelle Miller told KSAT. “My son was really, really attached to Tank. So to hear what he went through and to see him like that, it was very emotional.”

“When I first saw him on TV, I started crying,” Miller’s 10-year-old son, Josh, added.

Miller contacted The Animal Defense League immediately and started the process of proving Tank belonged to her. She sent in shots of the dog as both a puppy and as an adult, which the shelter accepted as proof of ownership. Now, Tank is home with the family who loves him, and who missed him very much.

“Their dad passed away about a year and a half ago and he bought Tank and another dog before his accident, so getting Tank back … losing him to begin with was horrible,” Miller said.

Miller now plans to keep the dog inside the house unless there’s someone around to watch him and is adding new security measures to her home. They’re also trying to keep him mellow, so he can fully recover from his injuries.

It took no time at all for Tank to fall back into the comforts of home.

“When he walked in, it’s like he remembered this place. All the stuffed animals, that’s his favorite thing. Probably his favorite time is dinner time. When we eat, he gets food from everybody’s plate. He’s very spoiled,” Miller said.

Sadly, no one knows who is responsible for the shooting. Animal Care Services is investigating. Anyone with information should call 210-207-4738.