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Yorkie With 2 Broken Legs Abandoned in Park Gets Rescued

by Fred

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Anyone familiar with rescued dogs, knows that they can be the most loving and grateful animals ever.  This adorable little Yorkie here was abandoned by someone in a local park, with two broken front legs.  However, even though things were very rough for the little dog, you wouldn’t really know it just by looking at him.

His rescuers at PAWsitive are really taken by the little guy.  In the included video, you can tell how happy and free he feels, knowing that he’s being protected and cared for by loving and kind people.  They say that he loves EVERYONE, no matter what.  Isn’t it amazing that such love and happiness can still be in a dog, regardless of what life may have been like for them?

A special thank you to PAWsitive Rescue for sharing this story and video with us.  If you’d like to see their Facebook page for more information, click here.

2.24.16 - rescueFEAT