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Young Boy Devotes His Summer to Getting Adoptions

by Fred

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Kenny Lewis is from the Tampa Bay, Florida, and just like any eight-year-old is really looking forward to summer break.  However Kenny’s summer isn’t going to be all pool parties and little league.  He is devoting a good part of his summer to getting dogs and cats adopted.

“You can make a dog or cat’s dream come true,” said Kenny in his YouTube video.

Kenny has his own YouTube channel, and his dad is helping him make videos and updates to it regularly.  Kenny takes his work very seriously, as is evidenced by the videos on his channel.  Especially his first one, which took place at the Pasco County Animal Services facility.

“I was sad that all these good dogs need a home and I wanted to do something about it,” he said.

So Kenny is on a mission to get 150 dogs and cats adopted out of the shelter in Pasco.  He’s teamed up with The New Barker Magazine, in an effort they are calling Just One Day.  The magazine has really taken an interest in the young man, and want his message to be heard throughout their entire 35,000 readers.

Ken Sr., Kenny’s dad is so proud of his son, and amazed by just how dedicated his son is.

“You can’t put a meter on how proud of him I am. He’s the best person I’ve ever met,” said Ken Sr.

Kenny thinks that everyone in the whole world should have a pet.  He does have some solid thinking behind his reasons for it.

“If everyone in the whole globe had a pet that would be good because it would be like the whole world would have one and there wouldn’t be any strays,” said Kenny.  “It feels like the right thing to do.”