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Young Girl Creates Business to Benefit Shelter Dogs


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katieKatie Adams is only 10-years-old, but she is already a business owner. She bakes and sells homemade dog treats and through her business has donated hundreds of dollars to help shelter dogs.

Katie has always had a love of animals and a love of baking. She combined the two passions to create her own business.

“I love playing with animals. I love visiting shelter and petting the dogs and cats. I have to pet every single one that I find,” said Katie. “I love baking, too, so I thought that was a good thing.”

Katie makes her Pawsitively Amazing Vegan Pet Treats from scratch.

“We have unbleached flour, pumpkin, carrots we juice ourselves and natural peanut butter,” said Katie.

Her two dogs, Bella and Brady, test out her treats to make sure they are good quality. Bella is a picky eater so Katie knows if Bella likes them then her treats are good.

Katie is homeschooled and her mom has incorporated Katie’s business into lesson plans. She has created a website and Facebook page to promote her business and worked to put the proceeds from her business to good use. Shelters all over the Kansas City Area are receiving donations thanks to Katie’s all natural treats.

“I’ve been able to donate about $500,” said Katie.

For more information on Katie’s Pawsitively Amazing treats visit her website and Facebook page.