New Ban in Colorado Stopping Greyhound Racing Considered Big Victory

Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper has signed a bill making it illegal to race Greyhounds in the state. Read more

Old Stray Dog Wins the Lottery

She must have been in the streets for so long as her fur was hanging from her skin in balls. She was extremely dirty and smelly, yet had the sweetest and most gentle eyes I have ever seen. The only move she made was to wag her tail when someone spoke to her. Read more

Woman Finds Her Lost Dog for Sale on Craigslist

“Someone told me to look on Craigslist, and I did. It was the first ad. It said ‘border collie mix,’ and I knew right away that it was my dog,” Sarah Cantano said. Read more

New Jersey Dog Selected for Jury Duty?

“She’s a female, so I named her ‘IV’ without the ‘Y’ as sort of a play on words. Somebody had to physically type in that name and they didn’t pay any bit of attention to it,” Barrett Griner said. Read more

Dying Woman Searches for Home for Her Dog

“I am passing away. I don’t know when exactly. Of course, everyone is passing away,” Patricia Cudd said. “But the cancer, you know — stage four is the ultimate stage — and he needs a home.” Read more

Boxer Loses His Marbles over Marbles

Boxers certainly know how to keep themselves entertained! Read more

Great Dane Accused of Attacking Dog Cleared by Investigation

“Following completion of an investigation, including a canine autopsy of Buddy, which was authorized by his owner, it was determined that there were no puncture marks, crushing or other identifiable cause of death of Buddy. Further, the County has been unable to locate the other dog witnesses describe was involved. Additionally, the County had a behavioral review conducted of Zeus,” says Colene McEntee. Read more

Man Sentenced to Jail and Probation for Stealing Family’s Dog

A Monterey, California man has been sentenced to a stint behind bars and some probation after pleading guilty to stealing a family’s dog, and releasing it into an area, in which it was never found. Read more

You’ll Go Far, My Pet

Within hours of adopting our fuzzy, adorable Pi, I sensed that being a pet parent today means cultivating intelligence, manners and communication skills the way the parent of, say, a small human might. Read more

Best Thing for a Widow? A Four-Legged Companion

In a study of 95 people who kept “laughter logs,” those who owned dogs laughed more often than cat owners and people who owned neither. Read more

Homeless Brazilian Dog Waits Outside Owner’s Hospital for Eight Days

Days passed, but Seco stayed right outside. Hospital staff took pity on the dog, and provided him with food and water. Read more

Fighting Dog Stolen from Shelter Found Safe; Corruption in Buffalo

When animal lovers questioned how a fighting dog mysteriously vanished from a shelter, they discovered corruption in the City of Buffalo. Though they were attempted to be hushed up, advocates continued their battle until Ginja was found. Read more

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