Adorable Dachshund Digs in His Sleep

8.10.15 - Sleep Digging

At least it was just a couch cushion, and not the garden!
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Bulldog Turns Hammock into a Playground

8.10.15 - Bulldog & Hammock1

It seems unlikely that he’ll ever be giving up this toy!
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A Cross-Country Road Trip Cured My Dog of Her Neuroses

8.8.15 - Road Trip1

“Lady Piazza has never been happier than she was during that trip through 13 states and three time zones. She didn’t once get scared or anxious.”
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Dogs Are the Best Therapy

8.8.15 - Dogs Are the Best Therapy2

“For those that struggle with mental illness – it’s not your fault. There are others out there that struggle as well – more than you know.”
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The Rescue & Recovery of This Dog Will Blow Your Mind

8.7.15 - Kelsey's Miraculous Rescue16

Before long, Kelsey had completely recovered. She put on weight, her wounds healed, and her coat grew back in to reveal a beautiful girl.
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Man Says His Yorkie Scared Off Bigfoot

8.7.15 - Yorkie Scares Off Bigfoot

“[He] saved me from a possible encounter,” Walters said. “I love him more than ever.”
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Service Dog Calls 911 & Saves Owner from Fire

8.7.15 - Dog Calls 911 & Pulls Owner from Fire4

This dog is no stranger to heroism; Yolanda saved her owner’s life last year after another incident.
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Friends:  Puppies Edition

8.7.15 - Friends2

Absolutely adorable, but clearly someone has a Matthew Perry fixation!
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Ooh- Ooh – My Favorite Thing!

8.8.15 - my favorite thing2

This is purely conjecture, but it’s cute nonetheless!
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They Say That Fate Will Find a Way

8.6.15 - They Say That Fate Will Find a Way4

“It was sweet serendipity… the kind of chance meeting that changes one’s life… a pup’s life that is.”
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Dog Buried Alive Saved Because of Another Dog

8.6.15 - Dog Buried Alive Is Rescued5

“It’s horrible. There are no words. If you no longer want your pet, there are people who can put them in centers… But this is pure sadism.”
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Teens Save Starving Pit Bull Thrown in Sewer

8.6.15 - Kids Save Starving Sewer Dog1

“My mind cannot comprehend why someone would want to do something like this – especially to him! He’s amazing…. Thank God Tyler came along.”
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Maddie Fills Up Her Own Pool

8.6.15 - Maddie Fills Up Pool

Now, if only she could master the virtue of patience…
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The Summer of Dog Buns

8.5.15 - Summer of Dog Buns14

Just make sure that you’re putting hair up loosely so it doesn’t hurt, and NEVER put a dog’s ears up – this can be painful and cause damage.
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NFL Player Suffers in Hot Car to Raise Awareness

8.5.15 - NFL Player Sits in Hot Car1

“If you’re going to make a dog a part of your family, then make him a part of your family. Don’t treat him like you wouldn’t treat someone you cared about.”
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Rex Ryan Will Eat Dog Biscuits for Charity

8.5.15 - Rex Ryan Will Eat Dog Biscuits for Charity1

Let’s make the Dog Biscuit Challenge go viral! Tweet your video with the hashtag #DogBiscuitChallenge, share it on Facebook, & tell your SPCA to get involved!
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Silly Dog Drags His Tail Through the House

8.3.15 - Dog Drags Tail

He finally caught it, and he’s not letting go!
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My Dog: The Paradox

8.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox10

Many of The Oatmeal’s hilarious comics – like this one – are available to purchase in book or poster format. .
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Dog Graciously Allows Bird to Eat Off Her Head

8.1.15 - Bird Eats Off Dog's Head2

“Inca is very laid back. She’s rather big for a whippet but she’s so calm and nonchalant it’s unbelievable,” Askey said. .
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This Dog Has the Weirdest Sneeze Ever!

8.1.15 - Weirdest Sneeze Ever1

Poor pups…. someone get the Benadryl!
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