studied English and has a bachelor's degree in psychology, with a focus on animal behavior, neuropsychology, and psychotherapy. She shares two pit bulls (adopted from the SPCA Serving Erie County) with her family, as well as three adopted cats with her fiance. She takes pride in being a grammar Nazi and advocating for animals, the environment, equal rights, and humanitarianism. She loves camping, cooking, taking photos, listening to psychedelic rock and indie music, and making all sorts of crafty things - from charm bracelets to kitty condos! Melanie was sharing this profile with Fred, who is new to the Life With Dogs family, so many stories that were written by Fred will appear under Melanie's name.

Jumping Baby Delighted by Jumping Dog

Dogs and babies: mutually entertaining for the last 10,000 years! Read more

Dreaming Bulldog Puppy Will Make You Squee with Delight

What is he dreaming about? Where is he going? Read more

Elderly Disabled Woman’s Life Transformed by Service Dog

“She’s changed my life, not just by the things she does for me, but I would say a lot of it is the companionship,” she said. “She’s an incredible dog. It’s a partnership.” Read more

Troopers Save Senior Dog Trapped Under Heavy Tree Branches

Though she had been distressed by the ordeal, she was not injured and didn’t need medical attention. Read more

Starving Garbage Can Getting Love from New Owner

“I just couldn’t imagine making her go away from me,” Megan Fritz said. “She’s really attached, and we’re happy with her and she’s happy here.” Read more

27 Pets Who Just Can't Be Bothered to Get Out of Bed

After looking at all these cozy cuties, you’re going to want to go right back to sleep! Read more

The Amazing Story of Muscles, Who Survived Against All Odds

Family friends who didn’t have dogs loved him as if he were one of their own, and it’s because of his spectacular personality that my family fell in love with pit bulls. Read more

Badly Injured Stray Pup Rescued from Middle of Road

“I hope in the next week to be able to get him into surgery and save him once and for all from this bad luck that he has encountered, and find him a good and caring family.” Read more

Dog Hitches a Ride on Side of Ambulance to Be with Owner

“I was impressed,” Nicholson said. “He didn’t have to go to the hospital with me, but he did.” Read more

French Bulldog Betty Takes on Gary the Cat

But as you will see from Jason Edmondson‘s videos, Betty is usually the instigator! Read more

The Pup that Saved My Life

“She is the reason I get up in the morning & the reason I am going to keep going.” Read more

Disabled Dog Leaps Fence to Save Owner’s Life

Chance used to be scary to the neighbors when they first met him, but now they know he’s a hero. Read more

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