This Dog Will Do ANYTHING for Ice Cream

7.27.15 - Dog Wants Ice Cream1

I scream, you scream, Ruby barks – for ice cream!
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Tribute to a Beloved Rescue Dog

7.22.15 - Tribute to Rue6

“She liked to spend time outside eating grass, and occasionally our fishing bait. Most of the time she slept – having a comfy bed is what meant the most to her.”
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Dog Swims with Dolphins

7.24.15 - Dog Swims with Dolphins

What a lucky dog!
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Spanish Town Grants Pets Equal Rights

7.22.15 - Spanish Town Grants Pets Equal Rights1

“Dogs and cats have been living among us for over a thousand years. The mayor must represent not just the human residents but must also be here for the others.”
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Amazing Rescue of Dog Swept Away by Monstrous Wave

7.22.15 - Rescue of Dog Swept Away by Wave

Hopefully the dog was ok, and the family kept him a little farther from the edge after that!
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Clever Dog Fetches Ball from Pool Without Getting Soaked

7.21.15 - Clever Dog Retrieves Ball

Maybe her human should teach her how to use the skimmer – then she could get the bugs out, too!
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Rosie, the Kitten Who Thinks She’s a Husky

7.20.15 - Rosie the Kitten

When in Rome, right?
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14 Normal-Sized Dogs That Look Like Giants

7.19.15 - Dogs That Look Huge14

Attack of the 50-Foot Dog?
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Store Employee Stops Woman from Killing Stray Dog

7.19.15 - Store Employee Save Stray Dog's Life1

“She’s a monster… The dog was very afraid,” said neighbor Shawna Majors. “The dog spent time with my nine-year-old daughter.”
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Family Adopts Pesky Sheep Who Thinks He’s a Dog

7.18.15 - Sheep Thinks He's a Dog2

“It’d be wonderful if he’d learnt how to clean up after himself, and then he’d probably be welcome to stay,” Butler said.
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Chelsea Handler Adopts a New Dog

7.18.15 - Chelsea Handler Adopts New Dog10

Chelsea loves to help dogs in need. In addition to adoptive mom, she’s also a partner in the dog food company Dog for Dog, which donates food to charity.
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My First Dog

7.18.15 - My First Dog4

“Finally, after six years of debating the pros and cons of shelter dogs, purebreds, puppies or adult dogs, fate threw us a mixture of all and we took the plunge!”
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This Pit Bull LOVES Her Baby Turkeys

7.18.15 - Pit Bull LOVES Her Baby Turkeys5

“She loves the helpless ones,” owner Isaiah Harrison said. “The more helpless, the more she wants to be by it.”
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Rescue Puppies Gone Global

7.17.15 - Rescue Puppies Gone Global5

“We took the mom in, and when she gave birth to those little puppies I totally fell in love.”
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Dog Long-Believed to Be Dead Found Alive

7.17.15 - Dog Long-Believed to Be Dead Found Alive5

“We’ve been trying to figure out all week how to get him home. He’s just a super gentle, sweet dog, and we don’t know where he’s been the past few years.”
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Puppy Jailbreak!

7.17.15 - Jailbreak

Hopefully a new solution has been found to keep him from getting into trouble, which he obviously has a tendency to do!
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Adopted Dog Alerts Police Officer & Saves Owner’s Life

7.16.15 - Dog Alerts Officer & Saves Owner0

“He stood there and barked, and I called to him. Then he wagged his tail and got more friendly until I got out of my car. And then he ran a little bit,” Gonzalez said.
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Abandoned Siblings Need a Home NOW

7.16.15 - Elizabethtown Siblings

If you’re not local, please reach out to all the south and eastern rescues you follow – some of them might have an opening. And please SHARE to get the word out.
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Dog Makes a Tilt-a-Whirl for Baby

7.16.15 - Rollercoaster

Many dogs and kids just love getting dizzy… once they figure out that that’s what they’re supposed to be feeling after all that spinning!
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Adoptive Family Celebrates Dog Abuser’s Conviction

7.15.15 - Adoptive Family Celebrates Dog Abuser’s Conviction5

“Just because Bella was saved doesn’t mean we give a free pass to the person who took her to the brink of death, chained her to the fence and watched her wilt away.”
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