11-Year-Old Needs Help Finding Missing Service Dog

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When a Fort Worth, Texas family sent their dog to Virginia for training, they thought she’d be gone for two to three months.   But now they don’t know if they will ever see her again.

Beta is a black lab that 11-year-old Kylie Calvert depends on.  Kylie has diabetes, and Beta is a diabetic alert dog that helps moniter her blood sugar.  If it becomes too high or low, Kylie could become dangerously ill.

“The bond between the two of them, I mean, they’re inseparable.  [It’s] absolutely amazing to see them together,” said Mindy Calvert.  “There’s just so much joy when they’re together.  Beta lights up and follows Kylie around, and I just hate to see them apart right now.”

The Calverts got Beta six months ago from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, based in Orange, Virginia.  The family realized the 10-month-old dog still needed a bit of training, and sent her back for a couple months.

During training, some horses spooked Beta and she ran off near Steubin Lane in the West Key neighborhood last week Friday.


“I’m not there, I’m not in Virginia,” Calvert explained.  “So, it’s really hard for me to know exactly what’s going on.  I can’t personally pass out fliers and I can’t go knocking on doors and say, ‘have you seen her?’”

Dan Warren and the Calverts are desperate to have Beta back, and urge anyone with information to please come forward.

“It’s a desperate plea for someone to do the right thing, turn this dog back in, contact us,” Warren said.  “There’s a girl dependent on this medical alert, diabetic alert dog for this organization to promptly return this dog back to the rightful owner, which is that family.”

Anyone who sees Beta or knows where she may be should contact the Albemarle County Police at (434) 296-5807.


5 thoughts on “11-Year-Old Needs Help Finding Missing Service Dog”

  1. First, I do the the wee girl gets her companion back.

    Second, can you judgeMENTAL types, give it a rest with the “spay everything” mentality ?

    If every dog is spayed or neutered, which dogs are gonna have babies to accompany us humans through life in the future ?

    I’m all for controlling over population of dogs brought about by humans bad shepherding of our wonderful companions, but really ? Must you comment the same tripe in EVERY story on LWD ?

    This is “Life With Dogs”, not “life with dogs until there are no more born due to our innate selfishness”….

    • Windswept – your comment shows a gross ignorance regarding the state of homeless animals. I suggest you save your concern for who is going to accompany us through life for a time when we are not abusing, abandoning and euthanizing 5 MILLION (ASPCA stats) dogs and cats a year in America.

      13, 900 dogs and cats put to sleep (in often unskilled and uncaring hands) EVERY DAY! 580 every HOUR! 10 every MINUTE!

      It is a cause worth supporting – every chance we get. It is pure math, if 100 puppies hit the ground today and there are only 50 homes, then 50 will be euthanized. If you have a cat and allow her to have a litter of 5, just because you find a home for the kittens does not mean you are not responsible for 5 other kittens somewhere in your area NOT getting homes that they would have gotten if you were not responsible for allowing your cat to have kittens.

      Get it now?

  2. I am amazed that a story about a lost medical dog can turn into a spay/neuter argument. I hope that someone finds the dog and it is returned to the family. I understand that spay and neutering is important, but the fact is this family is worried and grieving for their dog. Pray for the safe return, not argue!


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