12 Arrested in Dogfighting Bust

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A raid in the high desert by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies led to the arrests of 12 men suspected of staging or participating in dog fights, as well as the rescue of eight animals.

48 thoughts on “12 Arrested in Dogfighting Bust”

  1. Yes that’s great, but they are only going to get a slap on the wrist. They don’t care about the dogs, once they get out they’ll start all over again.

  2. I’m relieved that those dogs are not being made to fight any more. But there’s too much more of this going on.

  3. Notice the dogs aren’t biting the rescuers & aren’t wearing muzzles. Considering the life they’ve lived, that’s saying a lot. They really are good dogs with a wonderful nature. Took me years to find that out, though I never favored singling them out to die. They want to go after each other because of their training. And most can be “untrained”. This is nearby. I hope to get a chance to visit some of them. 2 dogs is enough for me, but I might be swayed…


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