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150 Dogs Rescued from Hoarder, Shelter Overwhelmed


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I received an e-mail from a long-time volunteer with the Austin Humane Society in Austin, Texas, and would greatly appreciate it if you would consider sharing the following:

Beginning last Friday, until yesterday, we started intake on almost 150 dogs voluntarily surrendered by a couple in rural Bastrop County, Texas. This one couple owned all of the dogs and became overwhelmed, as you can imagine, and reached out to Bastrop County Animal Control for help. BCAC, in turn, reached out to us.

We are overwhelmed by the magnitude of what these dogs need right now. Austin is very much a dog-loving city, and the people have been more than generous with their donations of money and supplies. Some of the dogs that were in better shape will be available for adoption beginning Saturday, but we still have at least 50 dogs out in foster, and the 59 we brought in yesterday are in much worse shape both medically and behaviorally. Some of them need specialist vet care that we hope will be donated to us by local vets and vet hospitals. This doesn’t even count the pregnant mommas we’re keeping tabs on.

More than anything, we need money. Money to buy things like medicine, medical supplies, and dog food. We are on Facebook (Austin Humane Society), and that is the best place to get updated news and info on how things are going and what we currently need, as well as pictures of the dogs.  We also have a website,, and people can donate online if they wish.

Thank you, Neil. For those of us who love dogs and can’t imagine our lives without them, this is an absolutely heartbreaking situation, but it only takes one face bath from a little pink tongue to know that there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.

Liann Lech